Strep in urine during pregnancy

The microflora of the human body is inhabited by a great many different bacteria. Strep in the urine is actively multiplies in conditions of a weakened immune system or when overcooling infecting the urinary tract. Favorable infection environment begins to develop an inflammatory process.

Ways of infection with Streptococcus

Stable presence of numerous colonies of microorganisms in the female genital organs, failure to intimate hygiene are the principal causes of the disease. Streptococcal bacteria are generally yourself not detect, but can actively be transmitted through handshakes, kissing and sexual contact.

To be infected by pathogenic microorganism can be:

  • airborne droplets;
  • in chronic bronchitis;
  • in dental surgery;
  • through the placenta (from mother to child);
  • after eating expired dairy products;
  • during unprotected sexual intercourse;
  • in kindergartens using toys and utensils;
  • after acute infectious diseases.

Streptococci penetrate into the bladder through the urethra with the skin. Women have also the transfer of bacteria from the colon (due to peculiarities of their anatomical structure).

Infection pregnant women

Streptococci are often recorded in the urine during pregnancy.

They appear when:

  • unprotected sex;
  • the disregard for the rules of intimate hygiene;
  • wearing underwear made of synthetic fabrics.

The bacteria in the vagina almost always.

Because a pregnant body is weakened, the infectious bacteria develops very quickly, which may cause some complications:

  • allergies;
  • sepsis;
  • disease of the urinary organs;
  • problems with the heart and blood vessels.

The newborn baby may develop meningitis, pneumonia, sepsis, is not excluded a neurological disorder. The bacterium is particularly dangerous for premature babies.

Signs of infection appear after birth. The skin has a pale color, baby breath uneven, body temperature increased, there may be vomiting. Not all children recover fully. Most impaired Central nervous system.

The most common signs of strep:

  • skin rashes;
  • unstable pressure;
  • pricking in the kidneys;
  • painful urination.

Urine analysis always shows significantly elevated hemoglobin or creatinine.

Urine test for infection in pregnant women

The most informative is considered a bacteriological urine culture. The study is appointed by the gynecologist when pregnant statement on the account, and in the 3 trimester. It is necessary to identify infection which can be transmitted to child at birth or even in utero.

To get the most accurate result, it is necessary to observe some rules:

  • 3 days before the date of the analysis need to stop taking choleretic and diuretic drugs;
  • do not eat salty and smoked food before passing urine;
  • before urine collection to hold the hygiene of the genital organs and the vagina to insert the tampon;
  • collect in a sterile container, only the second portion of morning urine;
  • the analysis should be carried out within 2 hours after collection of urine.

If the urine during pregnancy bacteria are present, they are going in the colony. Their specialist is examined under a microscope. After that they go in the tubes to determine their degree of sensitivity to antibiotics. Analysis is being prepared 7 days. The absolute norm is the complete lack of microorganisms in the urine.

The treatment of the disease

If pregnancy detected in urine Streptococcus, treatment should begin immediately.

It consists of several stages:

  1. Antibacterial therapy.
  2. Strengthening the immune system.
  3. Reduction in the rate of intestinal microflora after treatment with antibiotics.
  4. Detoxification of the body.
  5. Symptomatic therapy.

The main course of treatment of Streptococcus consists of taking penicillin. Assigned to Penicillin or Ampicillin. Drugs are safe for both mother and child, the side effects do not cause. But the test for allergies before beginning treatment with medicines is mandatory.

To restore the intestinal flora additionally appointed:

  • Linex;
  • Acipol;
  • Bifiform;
  • Effective;
  • Side effects of the drug.

During treatment it is impossible to prevent excessive physical exertion. At high intoxication required to comply with bed rest.

Treatment with folk remedies is possible, but only with the permission of the specialist.

If staphylococcal infection is not treated, a pregnant possible rupture of membranes, premature birth or intrauterine fetal death. Prevention of Streptococcus is very simple: personal hygiene, prevention of colds, strengthening the immune system. At the time begun treatment it is possible to obtain a normal outcome and to avoid unwanted complications.

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