Norma leukocytes in the urine of women and the reasons for the variances

White blood cells are not only an important part of immune processes in the female organism. The concentration of white blood cells in the urine indicates the presence of foci of inflammation and the degree of development of pathology. Simple laboratory tests in the early stages of diagnosis help us to start medical or surgical treatment of the disease and avoid serious complications.

Characteristics of leukocytes

Leukocytes are a heterogeneous group of cells, which are characterized by the absence of nucleus and any color. Appearance of white blood cells can vary considerably depending on their functional activity. Specific and nonspecific defense of the body against a variety of negative factors is in the regulation of allergic reactions and destruction of pathogenic microorganisms.

If the content of leukocytes in the urine is increased, it means that inside of a woman’s body proceeds an inflammatory process. The immune system produces many white blood cells, which are killed in the attacks on the foreign proteins. Damaged white blood cells is excreted by the kidneys with secondary urine, where is determined by their quantitative and qualitative composition.

WBC – the percentage of the different white blood cells. Norma leukocytes in the urine of women implies not only the absence of inflammation, but also high resistance to viral and bacterial infections.

Regardless of the species of the white blood cells they are actively moving, penetrate capillary walls directly into the internal organs. It was there that the processes of digestion and absorption of infectious agents (phagocytosis).

White blood cells are classified in accordance with the table:

No. View Description
1. The granulocytes. Large cells with segmented nuclei and granular cytoplasm.
2. Agranulocytes. Small cells with non-segmented nucleus and cytoplasm is non-granular structure.
3. The eosinophils. These leukocytes contain a nucleus, consisting of two lobes, and granules. Specific cells aktiviziruyutsya if you have allergic reactions or when infected by worms-parasites.

If the body has accumulated a large number of bacteria, there is a significant increase in the size of leukocytes. After their destruction of specific compounds are released, provoking a local inflammatory reaction. This condition becomes a signal for attracting to infectious lesion intact white cells. After the death of all white blood cells and pathogens is a significant pus, which is then detected in the urine of women.

Leukocytes differ from each other in shape and size

Normal and elevated levels of white blood cells

Untreated diseases, and sexual identity affect what rate of leukocytes in the urine is considered the standard. This is due to the anatomical structure of the genitourinary system. In women the urethra is wider and shorter than men, so women are more likely to suffer from infectious pathologies. The collection of urine women should be treated more carefully: use a swab, be sure to wash. Almost all gynecological diseases, pregnancy, menopause cause high levels of white blood cells in the urine, or leukocyturia.

The results of laboratory analysis klassificeret leukocyturia as follows:

  1. Expressed. The content of the white blood cell count greater than 100 cells within the field of view of the microscope. This condition means that the urine contains many pus, occurs acute inflammatory process. It is possible to determine, even visually: the urine turbid, with sediment in the form of cheesy flakes.
  2. Moderate. The number of leukocytes varies from 50 to 100 units. This indicator often indicates chronic inflammation with the formation of one or multiple infectious foci.
  3. Minor. The cell concentration within the field of view is low – less than 50 units. In a woman’s body there is a small inflammatory lesion.

Norma leukocytes in women has a value from zero to 5 cells within the field of view of the microscope. The excess rates for a few units, as a rule, is not a cause for concern. This pyuria occurs in completely healthy women under the influence of various factors or failure to comply with hygiene rules during the collection of urine.

Leukocytes in urine during pregnancy may rise by natural causes

The value of leukocyte count in urine for the diagnosis of pathologies

The period of carrying a child is one of the reasons for the increase of leukocytes in the urine of women. This is due to changes in the hormonal background and work of the urinary system. Pyuria in pregnant women expressed a slight (about 5 units) increase in normal values. The normal content of leukocytes in the urine of girls differs from the values for adult women. Allowed to exceed the optimum values for the three units.

When diagnosing diseases based on laboratory tests of urine takes into account not only the high level of white blood cells, but the concentration of other elements precipitate.

These substances are rarely contained in urine in normal health:

  • red blood cells
  • cylinders,
  • bacteria
  • the cells of the epithelium.

A collection of white blood cells with these components is a signal for urgent diagnosis and immediate treatment. Pathological urine is also characterized by a tight conglomeration of white blood cells. In the field of view of the microscope they are found in layers of about 60 cells of different sizes.

Increased leukocytes in the urine are not only an indicator of the presence of the inflammatory process and its localization. An infectious focus in women most often develop on the mucous membrane of the bladder, kidneys, ureters, the reproductive system. Before conducting the analyses, this process is visualized by change in color and smell of urine. Greenish color of the biological fluid indicates the presence of turbid exudate released by serous-purulent inflammation of tissues.

To identify the localization of inflammation is a sample three glasses. For research only requires a morning urine specimen, distributed in three containers. If a high leukocyte count is observed only in one capacity, an infectious lesion located in the urethra. Increasing the concentration of white blood cells in two containers allows to assume the existence of an inflammatory process in the bladder. About kidney disease evidenced by the detection of significant levels of white blood cells in all vessels.

The reasons for the increase of leukocytes in urine

Lowering the resistance of the female organism to bacterial and viral infections is the cause of numerous pathologies.

High levels of leukocytes in urine is detected in the following diseases:

  1. Acute and chronic pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, haemorrhagic cystitis.
  2. Acute and chronic renal failure, nephritic syndrome, renal pathologies, inflammation of the urinary channels.
  3. The presence of stones in the kidneys or bladder.
  4. Violations of the processes of metabolism in pathologies of the endocrine system.
  5. Infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

High amounts of leukocytes indicate the presence of pus.

Extensive inflammatory process develops in these diseases.

  • significant deformation of structural units of the kidneys, accompanied by a loss of nephrons;
  • worms-parasites inside the body;
  • systemic diseases, acute or chronic allergic reactions;
  • malignant and benign tumors;
  • untreated sexually transmitted diseases;
  • damage gepatitov with abscess formation.

The lowered immunity in women provokes candidiasis, various forms of vaginitis. These diseases cause minor leukocyturia, but detected in urine, other components in the urinary sediment. Typically, the concentration of white blood cells is increased in tuberculous lesions of the pulmonary parenchyma, skin, bone tissue. To identify amyloid dystrophy, a doctor appointed by the special examination of urine to determine species of leukocytes.

Why there is a significant amount of white cells in trauma – when compressed or injury is a violation of blood circulation in damaged areas of the internal organs. This condition provokes the necrosis of the cells, with the formation of infectious foci.

Drug therapy

The excess concentration of white blood cells means that it requires further diagnosis to determine the cause of this condition. Leukocytes are destroyed when hit inside the woman’s body of pathogenic bacteria, so the treatment is carried out etiotropic antimicrobial therapy.

Depending on the stage of severity of the disease, there are antibiotics:

  1. Cephalosporins third or fourth generation.
  2. Amoxicillin or Amoxiclav.
  3. Clarithromycin.

Well established in the treatment of bacterial infections Metronidazole (Trihopol). A course of antibiotics also can vary from 10 days to 3 weeks. To restore beneficial microflora in the gut, we recommend taking probiotics or prebiotics (Enteral, Acipol, Bifiform).

To prevent leukocyturia should drink 2 liters of water daily

Reduced rates of platelet count is always accompanied by leukocyturia, have shown a reduction in the body’s resistance to infections. To strengthen the immune system is a course of treatment with Immunostimulants, immunomodulators, vitamin complexes with trace elements. Diuretic drugs (Trigram, Hypochlorite, Diakarb) is recommended in cases accompanied by stagnation of urine. Normal urine flow prevents the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms on the mucous membrane of the bladder.

During treatment, the woman should observe sparing diet with the exception from the diet of fatty and fried foods. To restore the water-salt balance in the body should drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day. Also do not forget about the rules of personal hygiene.

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