Burning in the urethra in women and men

This disease like burning sensation in the urethra often occurs at the most inopportune moment. Despite its prevalence among men, women also suffer this trouble. But the main problem is this: many people until the last moment trying to ignore the burning sensation in the urethra, which subsequently develop chronic diseases.

To prevent adverse consequences, you should promptly consult a doctor. Women, as a rule, examined by a gynecologist, and men going to the urologist. The fact that the burning sensation in men can be a symptom of some diseases associated with the genitourinary system. Thus, increasing the likelihood of dysfunction of the respective organs, resulting in the total defeat of the body.

This disease is often seen as a temporary and frivolous and doubt in the patient’s head to sneak in only after a long period of time. Indeed, in the early stages of burning does not create a serious threat, but it is with the proviso that it will be corrected in a timely manner. In another case, we expect periodic sudden reappearance and disappearance of pain. This practice quickly turns into a form of deviations and pathologies. Do not delay treatment!

Causes of burning sensation in the urethra

Many factors can easily affect the organs of the urogenital system, because the microflora in their area is very sensitive. In this regard, women suffer because they don’t have a prostate, which could provide the protective substance.

Despite the different structure of the urethra in women and in men, causes of burning sensation similar

It is important that the behavior of women and men in the sense of disease. Some just tend to buy soothing medication in the form of ointments and creams, others soak time before it stops burning. None of this absolutely can not do. Initially, you need to understand the cause and then take action, but not independently, and on the advice of doctors.

First, you need to read the list, containing all sorts of reasons for burning:

  • Penetration of the infection. The fact that she can easily get into the urinary tract. Occurs due to kidney stone disease or sexually transmitted. It is important to remember that the infection causes an inflammatory process that may be irreversible.
  • If the person took any drugs, this may be their side effect. For example, after miramistina a feeling of discomfort. Remember that this expression is still valid in the normal range, but it can also provoke serious deviations.
  • An allergic reaction to some hygiene, the use of contraceptives. Sometimes it happens that the acquired personal care products are of poor quality and they contain unwanted and harmful chemicals. It can also depend on the girl and her women’s health.
  • Failure to intimate hygiene. When the woman neglects the basic actions to care for themselves and their body, the urethra begins to burn. If the situation is not getting better within a few days, we have to conclude about the possible progression of the disease and its transition into the chronic form. The same applies to men.
  • People with diabetes also tend to observe at a slight burning in the urethra, because the endocrine system ceases to function properly.
  • Constant stress, physical activity and improper nutrition create a full atmosphere for the invasion of infections and propagation of various bacteria. Poor working conditions also provoke kidney stones disease, a symptom which may be constant burning.
  • Many workers have to suffer long before you go to the toilet. This lifestyle has a negative impact on the excretory system of man in General, so doctors strongly recommend not to tolerate and to take care primarily about their health.

In order not to experience unpleasant sensations, sometimes it is enough to carefully monitor his hygiene

All these elements allow us to conclude that the sexual organs are very sensitive to the external environment. Even careless sexual intercourse can cause trauma after which the partners feel a burning sensation in the urethra. But the problem is that people do not attach importance to this manifestation, why, of course, suffer in the future.

Tip: follow basic rules of personal hygiene and do not try to suppress the desire to go to the toilet. This has an adverse effect, first, on the microflora of the genital organs and the urethra, and, secondly, on the General condition of your urinary system.

What are the dangers of burning in the urethra

Already the first signs of illness are the precursors of various diseases of the genitourinary system. This can be a contagious infection or symptoms of kidney disease. To determine their diagnosis, to confirm or deny those or other versions, you should go to the doctor and take the full course of the survey.

Cystitis is one of the most common effects of a burning sensation in the urethra

When burning you have a possible predisposition to the following diseases:

  • Cystitis. It most commonly manifests itself in the form of light, if it is detected and take appropriate action. The point is that in the bladder accumulate bacteria which damage the mucosa, thus creating a burning sensation in the urethra. Cystitis usually occurs after a long stay in the cold or after taking a harmful and “wrong” food. Then start frequent urination and my urethra is irritated. Timely treatment can save you from such a disorder is urinary incontinence.
  • Prostatitis. Male disease that occurs due to inflammation of the prostate gland. If prostatitis in men, pain during urination, there may be problems with the sexual contacts, which affects the General well-being of a man, as normal life becomes a constant problems with the excretory system.
  • Urethritis. This disease has several types, so diagnosing it yourself in the exact shape is almost impossible. It can lead to kidney disease or the spread of infections. Its very essence consists in inflammation of the urethra, which takes all the heat. Therefore, when urinating urethritis is a painful process for humans.
  • Gonorrhea. Also gives rise to inflammatory processes, but on a more serious level. Can be transmitted sexually, as with any infectious disease, so do not ignore contraception and all kinds of preventive measures. If you know that you have gonorrhea, you should not hide it from your partner. So you protect him and yourself, because the consequences of the disease is far from rosy, one of which is infertility.
  • Chlamydia. Dangerous venereal disease. It has mild symptoms, which include constant burning and redness. If left unchecked, such a deviation in your body, you can just delay the treatment. Then the disease takes a virulent form, which requires a complex, lengthy, and voluminous treatment.

Bacteria can easily penetrate in the urinary organs

Oddly enough, all the most dangerous disease occur after such a seemingly minor symptom like burning. Therefore, to delay going to the hospital, hoping that it was all gone, absolutely not. This is especially true of men, who regard the appeal to the urologist as something inappropriate and unnecessary. Just remember what serious consequences you can expect in the future.

Features burning sensation in pregnant women

Expectant mothers often experience various forms of discomfort in your body. The fact that all his efforts are aimed at maintenance and development of a new organism. Hormonal imbalance affects more than just the genitals, because they are sent to the double burden. Therefore, in this period there is a burning sensation in the urethra in women.

Pregnancy pretty much weakens the immune system women

Pregnant in this plan has received the most attention because any infection is able to exert its adverse influence on the baby. The fetus develops in moderation and nothing should interfere with him. But the frequent urination constant discomfort in the urethra in a woman affect her General condition.

Pathology and infection can easily infect the fetus, so the woman should visit a gynaecologist during pregnancy. To avoid diseases of the genitourinary system is necessary to comply with special preventive measures, which include simple diet and complete freedom from various stresses. Female urethritis or cystitis can cause irreparable harm to health of the child. If you want healthy fruit, you strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations and in no case do not self-medicate because this will only aggravate the situation.

The manifestation of a burning sensation in women and men

Burning able to acquire different forms under different circumstances. Women feel discomfort in the same way as men. First of all, this is, of course, with differences in the structure of their organisms and of the genitourinary system in particular. For clarity, consider a table of the differences of the signs:

Women Men
The fairer sex burning feel huge discomfort. The case sometimes comes to the fact that a woman can not normally sit, but the majority is sedentary work. In addition, often have a long time to endure, before you go to the toilet. Because of this, there is a feeling that burns somewhere inside. This could mean extensive spread of bacteria. For men the main problem is pain during sexual intercourse. The fact is that when there is samopoznanie, the male organ is experiencing some difficulties. Burning sensation loss of any sense of satisfaction. But their advantage over the female manifestation lies in the fact that the disease without discharge, what can be said about the opposite sex.

But there is no doubt and difference that, for both sexes, burning sensation gives a lot of discomfort. Constant itching does not relax and prevents to concentrate on work. To avoid such deviations, it is necessary often to go to the doctor and not wait for the moment when everything disappear by itself.

Prevention and treatment

Treatment does not appear to be a complex process, and if the disease has not been started and in time discovered. In this case, it is sufficient to follow the doctor’s instructions, which in turn are purely personal.

But still there are common features of treatment:

  • antibiotics;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • vitamins that restore the body’s immune system;
  • antibacterial drugs;
  • physiotherapy.

All medicines and drugs are dispensed strictly on prescription

These techniques will cure not only slight burning sensation, but more serious forms of disabilities. Before or after the transferred disease, it is recommended to follow some basic rules of prevention, which can stop the burning kind of manifestation of bacteria.

It is important difficult to pass the annual examination, but watch out and take care of themselves:

  • Avoid prolonged stay in the cold, otherwise you can get hypothermia, which primarily affects the organs of the urinary system.
  • Clean the intimate area. This is the area that needs to be in the best conditions.
  • Eat right, if necessary, maintain simple diets, arrange fasting days. All this significantly affects the state of the reproductive organs.
  • Use protection and avoid promiscuity, because the probability of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases is very high.
  • If you feel that you need a vacation, organize it, take a vacation. Health depends primarily on you.

To treat a burning sensation in the urethra is not too difficult if to observe preventive measures. Never be afraid or ashamed of doctors, because their job is to help you in any situation regardless of how serious it is. Always take care of yourself and your health.

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