Itching cystitis

Itching cystitis and a burning sensation in the urinary channels is the result of the inflammatory process. The disease may appear as a weak and hard sex for life. This files most often occurs in women closer to old age. People get sick due to the fact that pathogenic microbes are in the urinary tract, and there is intensively increased their number. The microbes penetrate via urinary pathways.

Cystitis occurs when the violated the outflow of urine from the bladder. Risk factors for the emergence of this disease may be: pregnancy, childbirth, constipation, hypothermia, food, irritating the mucous membranes of the bladder, radiation therapy for cancer of the small and large pelvis. Sometimes the disease develops as a consequence of non-compliance with the rules and regulations of hygiene, delayed going to the toilet, delay this process, interruptions to the work of hormones, surgeries, sometimes unprotected sexual intercourse.

The symptoms of cystitis

The disease manifests itself uncomfortable sensations, sometimes the pain is just unbearable. Cystitis affects not only the bladder but also the kidneys. Therefore, the person often begins to go to the toilet.

Sometimes the symptoms of cystitis are confused with other inflammation in the body. These are such diseases as thrush, vaginitis, gonorrhea, and other diseases.

If added to itching and even burning, it becomes clear that the microflora of the vagina is the problem. Because of this, there is a dysbacteriosis and a strong mucus. First, many people do not attach much importance to the early symptoms of cystitis, up to the advanced forms, when it is necessary the intervention of the surgeon.
Sometimes the symptoms may pass within a couple of days, but this is only evidence that it was the remission of the pathology. Subsequently, this may lead to a chronic stage that a cure is very difficult.

Itching in the disease may be due to the presence of Allergy to some medicines which a person applies. They sometimes irritate the external opening of the channels of emission of urine.

The treatment of the disease

If the patient is itching, you should promptly start a course of therapeutic procedures, to prevent the increase of germs inside the urinary system. Unacceptable treatment of the itch, as it is only a symptom, and its absence leads to the fact that the disease is retreating. Itching is only a symptom of a medical diagnosis that the doctor with the precision specifies the problem in the body.

Doctors usually prescribe a combination of methods of getting rid of cystitis, after which he disappears.

Types of impacts:

  • antibacterial agents;
  • antispasmodics;
  • fitopreparaty.

All these methods are appointed for the resumption of the immune capacity of the bladder, getting rid of itching and burning in the vagina. In any case, you should consult a doctor because only a doctor can assign the correct event and prescribe specific drugs.

In cystitis there is a sense to begin to eat properly. You need to take time off from salted and smoked food, a large number of sharp and sweet. It is also recommended to eliminate from the diet alcoholic beverages. A positive impact on the health vegetables, fruits, milk products.

Experts advise to drink plenty of fluids. A day patients drink up to 2.5 liters of water and tea. It is worth doing due to the fact that urination occurs more often, and each time a person goes to the toilet, some of the microbes are expelled from the body with urine. Fluid you need to drink in moderate amounts, distributed within 1 day.

Specialists of traditional medicine suggest to use a decoction of the cherry branches. Drink it regularly. All pathogens are removed together with uric acid. The inflammation diminished, and the irritation disappearing. The drink is flavored with honey to taste. Also prescribe a decoction of rose hips, adversely affecting the development of the inflammatory process.

When developing, nagging itch, it is useful to influence the heat. If the itching becomes uncomfortable, apply a heating pad, a closed container of hot water or warm a towel in the crotch area. Not SuperCool the lower abdomen.

Especially comfortable is the attachment of pouches with warmed salt or sand. However, do not apply too hot to avoid harmful effects on health. If the urine present, bloody discharge, it is not necessary to use this method

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