Why is the baby crying before urination

Crying is a signal of anxiety and pain. If a newborn crying before urinating, it means that something is bothering him. The only way the kid can tell the parents that something causes him discomfort is to cry.

Therefore, the need to sensitively and listen carefully to each cry of a tiny man, until he can find another way of communication in the process of its development and growth. If the baby cries when he wants to urinate, it is not necessary to think about why the child cries before urinating. It is necessary to immediately consult a pediatrician.

Natural causes and their elimination

Crying during urination is not necessarily a consequence of pathological or inflammatory process. This can be an unpleasant sensation from tight diapers or diapers at the moment when straining penis. The discomfort forces the boy to Express dissatisfaction. It may just be a signal of bladder fullness, which is full and now will be released.

This is not typical for children of early age, but some boys are starting to signal early enough. A possible reason may be that the process controlling the natural needs of the body only mastered by the brain, which responds dissatisfied with the signals, causing the child to cry.

Girls and boys

A common reason that a boy or a girl is crying when urinating, can be a violation of hygienic rules parents don’t change the diaper right after the baby poops, and not engulfing it. The bacteria contained in the feces and urine, begin to eat away at the delicate mucus membrane, creating redness, inflammation. But in other cases occurs and contact dermatitis, which is equally painful, and the boys and girls, and is often a reason why children cry.

Careful observance of hygiene of the newborn protect against the occurrence of such problems, but if they appeared, should become more frequent cleaning with warm water after applying them, baby cream, talc and powder. During washing and in the bath you can use the decoction of anti-inflammatory herbs such as chamomile and celandine. In the case of a mandatory and daily use of the rules of hygiene for the crying babies of both sexes will be one reason less.

Daily hygienic cleaning should be carried out in water with minimal chlorine content as it can also cause irritation.

For newborns it is best to use baby soap or gentle liquid antibacterial. Suitable means to care for the child and tested traditional recipes. Adult simple and flavored soap is better for the child not to use to avoid allergic reactions.

Developmental abnormalities and diseases subject to treatment by boys

Male baby crying when urinating, not related to hygiene, usually in the following cases:

  • phimosis;
  • balanoposthitis;
  • the omission of the testicles;
  • cystitis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • urethritis.

Phimosis is some malformation of the penis in which the narrowing of the foreskin prevents the opening of the head. Urination in this case is difficult and can cause pain and inflammation. Definitely expert advice is required and often surgical intervention.

Balanoposthitis is an inflammation that affects the head of the penis and the tissues of the foreskin. It is also the necessary medical intervention. The testicles of a boy should fall approximately to months of age. If not, the next examination will be administered to year, if not happened independent of the prolapse, surgical treatment is indicated.

Pyelonephritis – a serious kidney disease, needs long-term treatment under the supervision of a nephrologist. In the case of urethritis and cystitis have to go to the urologist.

A video about the common reasons due to which baby is crying before urination:

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In any case, you should not delay consultation with a doctor prior to the occurrence of any age. Immediate assistance or preoperative preparation can protect the baby from many unpleasant moments in life. The boy is always possible problems with the genitourinary system, and better without them.

Girls and problems associated with them

Girl crying when urinating in the case of the following diseases and lesions:

  • fusion of the urethra;
  • inflammation of the vagina;
  • the appearance of adhesions in the vagina after running inflammation;
  • of kidney disease.

The most common cause of crying in the newborn girl is an inflammation of the vagina that may be related to infection during childbirth and trauma and poor hygiene standards. Inflammation of the vagina can lead to the appearance of adhesions, “clumping” together of the labia minora.

Sometimes inflammation of the vagina can be caused by a hormonal disturbance, but in any case, sinehii should be immediately eliminated, because they impede urination and cause infection is on the increase. At an early stage the fault is corrected easily, but the farther the process runs, the harder it is to remove its consequences.

Attention parasites

In children breastfed, the probability of Contracting worms is very rare. Congenital helminth infection are currently excluded during the examination of the fetus and mother during pregnancy. However, the child moving on all fours or grasp handles for various items that affect the likelihood of worm infestation.

Symptoms worms can also be manifested by redness around the anus, and in girls the worms can penetrate the urethra and vagina, if the pinworms female pinworms lay eggs on the skin of the perineum that causes severe itching. It is also able to serve as a reason why the baby is crying before you urinate.

Symptoms of infection with worms the girl can easily be confused with allergic dermatitis, or inflammation of the vagina, because they cause irritation and purulent discharge. Be sure to pay attention to concomitant parasitic lesions signs: cough, rash on the abdomen, pain in it, fever and even intestinal obstruction. Upon the slightest suspicion of worms, be sure to pass the examination, tests and, if necessary, prescribed a course of treatment.

Analyzing information

Reasons why a newborn cries, there may be several, and they often directly depend on the sex of the child. Parents should be prepared for possible trouble with the genitourinary system, and specifically distinguished the boy and the girl. Sometimes you have a specific reason for concern, enough to wear diapers of a larger size, often to wash away, apply the recommended hygiene, and problems with crying before urination will not. However, very often the reason of anxiety of the baby become much more serious things in which the intervention of a specialist is necessary.

The duties of parents is the constant monitoring of the child, in particular the state of his urinary system, which should be especially careful when the manifestation of the warning signs: dark urine, purulent discharge, redness, fever and pain, which the baby start crying, because other means to report as yet. You must clarify all the obscure points to the exclusion of the expected bad for the good, although often it is not. Persistent inflammation, which is considered to be simple irritation from the diaper, can be a serious allergic reaction or dermatitis.

While the family baby, the attention of a doctor, the one indispensable factor that will enable you to avoid many serious diseases and prevent life-threatening consequences that can occur if such disease already is. A truism handed down from generation to generation, says that the baby never cries in vain. He asks therefore the attention or care that adults owe to him to provide and provide.

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