Bad urine during pregnancy

The world of excitement and incredible joy opens the woman with the long-awaited offensive pregnancy. In anticipation of the birth of the baby, she will need a lot of surveys before will be born a beautiful and healthy baby.

Among a number of tests, which for nine months will regularly take the future mother, one of the most important is the General analysis of urine.

Is it always a bad urine test during pregnancy is an indicator of pathological processes occurring in the body? Increasing the load on all the organs and systems with the onset of pregnancy makes you work the entire body with a vengeance. This is especially true of the urogenital area. The kidneys performed blood filtration and for the mother and for the baby developing in utero.

In the first trimester, a urine test is assigned when the production of the expectant mother on the account in female consultation, to be able to evaluate the work of the kidneys and urinary system. Then the urine will need to take regularly once a month until the second trimester.

With the beginning of the second trimester urine seems to already every two to three weeks. This allows the doctor to track how bad the urine during pregnancy in the second trimester.

Clinical laboratory – a basic tool in the diagnosis of diseases

In the future the woman to pass urine every week, due to the increased weight of the fetus and, accordingly, the load on the kidneys and other systems of the organism of the expectant mother.

What if the next time you visit the doctor suddenly found a bad urine test results? Than it can threaten the expectant mother and baby?

Causes of deviations from the norm

There are reasons that contribute to bad indicators.

Let’s consider them:

  • all diseases of the urinary system before the pregnancy;
  • inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and bladder that occur during pregnancy;
  • nephropathy;
  • toxemia of pregnancy;
  • preeclampsia;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • large fruit.

If any of these reasons, the tests may differ from the norm. First of all the woman herself can visually determine the color, odor and transparency. However, the more we can talk about what’s wrong in the General analysis of urine only after laboratory studies.

The main indicators in the analysis

The main indicator of a bad urine test during pregnancy is the presence of protein in urine – proteinuria.

The presence of protein can change the transparency

Normal protein should not be, but during pregnancy some amount permissible, up to about 0.033 g /L. This is due to increased load on the kidneys, which work with a vengeance. If the appearance of the protein in the analysis exceeds the permitted limit at different stages of pregnancy, the doctor may suspect a number of diseases. First of all should be scared of preeclampsia. This condition, characterized by rise in blood pressure and appearance of protein in the urine above the permissible limits.

This is a very serious pathology which may occur in the second trimester. Precisely in order to prevent the development of preeclampsia in the second trimester a woman begins to be tested every 2-3 weeks. If you do not detect this pathology early in its development, it can lead to convulsions and cerebral hemorrhage on the background of high blood pressure. Because it is suffering the function of the placenta, the child may die from hypoxia.

Another dangerous pathology is preeclampsia, in which the urine appears not only unsplit protein, but galenovye cylinders (casts of the tubules of the kidney, consisting of protein compounds). Normally, they are 1-2 in field of view, with the development of preeclampsia, their number is increasing dramatically.

Appears high blood pressure, increased load on the kidneys, can cause edema of the extremities. If time does not begin treatment, it will lead to brain edema and death of women and children.

The appearance of protein in the urine of a pregnant woman above the permissible limits is dangerous symptom.


The next indicator of poor analysis is the presence of a large number of white blood cells. This figure usually tells about the inflammation in the genitourinary system. Due to the fact that with each passing day increases the pressure on the internal organs because of the growing of the fetus, often interferes with the normal outflow of urine.

When the urine moves badly formed its stagnation, which, in turn, leads to the formation of a variety of bacterial inflammation. The appearance of leukocytes more than the existing rate (1-5 in sight) is a serious cause for other surveys and to the appointment of antimicrobial therapy.

For the growth of bacteria in a Petri dish using different nutrient media

The bacteria that caused the inflammation in the body of the expectant mother, threaten the developing child’s body. To determine the bacterial flora will need to pass the buck urine, inoculation of a nutrient medium. Only in this case we can prescribe the right treatment based on the results of the analysis.


The appearance in the urine of erythrocytes is one of the major symptoms of some diseases that are not excluded during pregnancy. In normal red blood cells in the urine should not be. If they appeared in the analysis of a pregnant woman, then you need to seek the causes that led to this.

Inflammation arising in the genitourinary system that usually leads to hematuria, because of the inflamed mucosa can be hemorrhage, whence fall the red blood cells in the urine.

Aggravation of kidney stones also lead to hematuria, the passage of sand and stones can injure the mucosa. Red blood cells fall from the walls of mucous in the urine, sometimes changing its color.

Given that pregnancy is a condition in which hormonal changes, slight spotting from the genital tract, which fall into the secreted fluid.

The number of red blood cells changes the color of the collected urine

Hematuria during pregnancy is a symptom of a number of diseases subject to careful examination. Additionally, to determine the number of blood corpuscles in 1ml of the test liquid prescribed the collection, analysis according to Nechyporenko.


A condition in which the urine sample will be determined by the glucose. Normal glucose in the urine should not be, but under certain conditions, sometimes during pregnancy, the analysis may appear sugar. Not to miss the appearance of diabetes, will need to clarify the content of glucose in the urine, giving a General analysis repeatedly. If after several trials, it repeats the content of sugar in urine, then you need to take daily urine for sugar.


Bile pigment, the content of which in the urine should not be. The appearance of bilirubin in urine says about hepatitis or obstructive jaundice. Sometimes in the later stages of pregnancy increases the pressure of the pregnant uterus on the gallbladder and ducts, from this urine can be determined bilirubin.

Salt and slime

The salt content of different kinds may increase during pregnancy due to metabolic abnormalities, which is inevitable in this state. Increased salt content in the urine tells about malnutrition, which requires immediate correction. A large amount of salts in the urine will lead to the formation of sand and stones, which in turn will cause attacks of renal colic.

The content of mucus in the urine indicates the presence of inflammatory process on the mucous membranes of the genitourinary system. In another embodiment, this lack of personal hygiene during the collection of urine for analysis. In this case, mucus can get into the secreted fluid. To avoid this, before delivery of analyses it is necessary to observe rules of personal hygiene.

Urinalysis is a very important diagnostic tool, and during pregnancy it can answer the question on why there is this or that pathology. Correctly and regularly taking a urine test during pregnancy, you will ensure the birth of a healthy baby.

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