Early Pregnancy Tests

The first question that interests a woman who is planning or simply suspecting of impending changes is how many days the test will show pregnancy. The exact answer is possible only depending on the type of indicator used, which also exists a lot.

The action of home indicators is based on a change in the color of the reagent to an increased level of hCG – human chorionic gonadotropin, the main hormone that determines the development of pregnancy.

The production of this substance begins when the placenta forms a fertilized egg, which means that even the best pregnancy test can determine the onset of conception no earlier than on the tenth day. In the early days, the level of hCG increases exponentially, but the sensitivity of indicators in home tests will not allow it to “see”.

Special reagents are able to recognize the minimum amounts of the hormone in the blood, but such an analysis requires laboratory equipment and a special doctor’s prescription, for example, if an ectopic pregnancy is suspected.

With a multiple pregnancy, the chances of earlier recognizing changes in the body increase in direct proportion to the number of children, so a woman will know about it faster.

The most accurate pregnancy test is a laboratory examination, which can not only detect the presence of the hormone in the blood, but also correctly determine its amount.

This will help in the early stages to detect pregnancy problems, and take timely measures to save the life of the unborn child or mother.

Types of tests and their sensitivity

If you do not take into account the different manufacturers, the prevalence and popularity of certain pharmacy indicators, four main groups can be conditionally classified according to the type of action: strips, tablets, inkjet and electronic.

More about each of the presented types, advantages and disadvantages of use – hereinafter.

Test strips – common and inexpensive

The most common and inexpensive is, of course, a test in the form of a strip (often you can find the name strip test) with a reagent applied to it and convenient labels for use.

To determine conception, it is desirable to use morning urine, in which the hCG content is maximum.

A small amount of urine is collected in a clean container, the indicator drops to 5-15 seconds to the mark indicated on the strip (the exact time may vary by different manufacturers and is written on the packaging).

After this, the strip lies on a horizontal surface and after 3-5 minutes, when the test shows pregnancy or its absence, a control and reaction line will appear in a free field. As a rule, already in the first week of the delay, the result will be quite reliable. One strip on a pregnancy test does not necessarily mean a negative result, maybe just not enough time has passed.

The instructions also indicate the exact location of the “main” strip, so if the pregnancy test shows 2 stripes, the result of the analysis will be positive.

Advantages of test strips:

  • Affordable cost in contrast to similar options.
  • The prevalence of such tests in any pharmacy or even a supermarket.
  • Simple instructions and fast results.

Of the minuses, a rather low sensitivity (20-30 m IU) can be noted, such a test is usually done when a woman herself suspects pregnancy, she just wants to make sure of it.

Also, not very convenient rules for use, for example, on the road can create some inconvenience the need to collect urine in a separate container. Usually these problems are completely solvable, but in the case when it is vital to learn about pregnancy as early as possible, it is recommended to use other types of home indicators.

Tablet – Early Definition

The next generation of home pregnancy tests, the sensitivity of which is already much higher: from 10 to 20 m IU. It is this indicator that determines the day on which the tablet test shows pregnancy.

Usually, after 10 days after conception, you can verify this important event, but it will also depend on the individual characteristics of the body and other factors that are given below.

The use of tablet indicators has its own characteristics and advantages. In order to carry out the analysis, it is necessary to collect a couple of drops of urine into a special pipette included in the composition and place them in the control “window”.

Reacting with the substance on the surface of the indicator, the result can be seen in a second window of the test in just a few minutes. If the answer is yes, the white surface turns blue, while the intensity of the tone directly depends on the expected period.

The cost of the tablet test will be slightly higher than that of the indicator strip, but the period when you can do a pregnancy test will be minimal. There are few drawbacks in the tablet test, unless it is also inconvenient to mechanically draw urine into a pipette, again, you need a clean container and the correct algorithm of actions.

Inkjet – ease of use

Eliminating all the shortcomings in use, pharmaceutical companies have released a more advanced version of home indicators. A pregnancy pregnancy jet test is the same principle as the first two tests described, but it is easier to use because there is no need to collect urine. The end of the indicator is simply enough to substitute under a stream of liquid during urination, and after a minute you will know the result exactly.

Depending on the manufacturer, the cherished “two stripes” appear in the control window of the test, or the color of the white background changes. Before use, it is better to read the instructions. Although all actions are extremely simple and understandable, a woman can feel very worried and make a purely mechanical mistake.

The sensitivity of inkjet indicators is an order of magnitude higher, but also the cost. Today, inkjet tests are considered the most reliable for early diagnosis of pregnancy.

Electronic – accuracy and reliability of determination

A new example of a home indicator is an electronic version. The action and the principle of use are entirely borrowed from previous samples, only the method of obtaining information differs. Special window – the indicator displays only two of the possible options. Usually these are conventions: “+” or “-” or an inscription.

The result does not depend on the time of day and with an accuracy of 99% shows the slightest increase in hCG. An electronic pregnancy test is used before menstruation is delayed, usually already on the seventh day after conception. Various manufacturers can use a unique design and the ability to beautifully and effectively store it in memory.

Usually, the use of such tests is justified by the desire to accurately verify pregnancy or to refute it. Sometimes, due to the individual characteristics of the organism, the previous options may give an ambiguous interpretation of the result.

A weak second strip on the pregnancy test, characteristic symptoms with a negative result, as well as a suspicion of other reasons for a positive response – all this is a good enough reason to buy an electronic test.

The prices for this product will be significantly higher than all the tests described above, so sometimes it will be more affordable to go to the clinic, where the presence of hCG will be determined even in a quantitative ratio.

Frequently asked Questions

Even for experienced mothers with experience, the use of the test may raise some questions, asking the doctor about which is inconvenient or not enough time. Some of them, as well as comprehensive answers are given below.

After how much after conception the test will show pregnancy

It is recommended to use home testing in the first week of delay (test strips), as well as at least 10 days after the date of the proposed conception (tablet, inkjet and electronic versions). Some errors in the timing can cause individual characteristics of the woman’s body, for example, an irregular cycle or duration that differs from the average 28 days.

The big advantage of home tests will be the possibility of an independent examination for almost every day after a probable conception. The most affordable tests will be strips, but for a more reliable result, it is better to use one of the other three types.

How to determine pregnancy without a test

Usually these are typical symptoms of pregnancy: increased fatigue, unusual nutritional and olfactory reactions, menstrual retardation, and many other indicators. In some cases, pregnancy may not manifest itself in any way, and even monthly menstruation will be present exactly on time. In such cases, early diagnosis can be discussed with a random examination by a gynecologist or medical interventions.

Most often, such cases are unique and the woman learns about pregnancy already in the late stages (there were situations like on the delivery table). The danger of such ignorance can be called the possible errors of the regime, undesirable physical and emotional stress, as well as taking certain medications and working in conditions harmful to the unborn child.

In order to get rid of the last doubts, a laboratory blood test, a doctor’s examination and, if necessary, an ultrasound examination will best help. These events will help to reliably learn about the upcoming replenishment or to identify other causes of changes in the hormonal background.

Can a pregnancy test be wrong

It is completely natural for a woman who has received one or another result to doubt its authenticity. Errors in the use of the test range from 3 to 7%, which is already a serious reason for re-analysis. Especially “sin” with this indicators – stripes, the sensitivity of which is far from perfect.

Possible causes of testing errors:

  • improper use of the test;
  • stitched or low-quality reagent;
  • low hormone content;
  • other causes of increased hCG;
  • individual characteristics.

In any case, with a positive reaction to hCG, the next step will be a trip to a specialist and further necessary tests, which are part of the mandatory monitoring protocol for pregnant women.

Can the test not show pregnancy

This option is more common than manufacturers claim. The reason may be poor product quality, as well as an elementary short time.

Usually the information on which day to do a pregnancy test is indicated on the package, but if there is any doubt as a result, the optimal solution would be a mandatory repeat in a few days.

Does the test show an ectopic pregnancy

This question can be answered in two ways: on the one hand, a fertilized egg already secretes the above hormone into a woman’s body. On the other hand, its content is many times less than during a normal pregnancy and many indicators may simply not be noticed.

A negative pregnancy test alone cannot serve as confirmation of an ectopic pregnancy, but if you suspect it, you should immediately consult a doctor.

This condition is a very threatening factor, especially for a woman’s life, so early diagnosis will avoid complications.

In ectopic pregnancy, a stationary regimen, regular monitoring of hCG levels in the blood, and additional ultrasound examinations are usually prescribed. When confirming the diagnosis, surgery and interruption are performed surgically. Modern devices – laparoscopes will allow you to quickly and relatively better to perform the procedure for removing the fetal egg. Unlike emergency measures, including abdominal surgery, such methods will save the fallopian tubes and further chances for a woman to have a successful pregnancy.

A pregnancy test at home is an excellent option for determining early pregnancy. The use of such an indicator does not require special skills and is extremely simple and affordable. A quick result and the possibility of carrying out countless times are the main advantages of this option. From what period the test shows pregnancy is usually indicated on the package and depends on the sensitivity of the reagent.

In case of ill health and suspicion of another possible reason for the high level of the hormone, it is advisable to contact a antenatal clinic for further examination.

No less important will be a regular medical examination, as well as special tests to confirm the successful course of pregnancy.

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