A sore throat and head treatment causes

With a sore throat and unpleasant sensations in the head can happen to anyone. They often occur with colds, but it can signal other diseases.

It is important to take timely measures to prevent possible complications.

For starters, you need to understand what are the disease when a sore throat, headache. Also, the correct solution would be to visit the doctor because only the doctor can definitely diagnose.

Allergic reaction

Often it is Allergy person can deal with the weight of the head and pain in the throat. In this situation, temperature is missing, a person becomes easier after taking antihistamines. The usual analgesics do not help. May be additional symptoms that also indicate an allergic reaction.


  1. Constant sneezing which does not bring relief. It seems that it is often itchy in the nasal sinuses.
  2. Sore throat, which is present from time to time. Especially it can be fostered by contact with an allergen, for example, inhalation of fingers or poplar fluff.
  3. Watery eyes. They can redden and swell.
  4. Runny nose and nasal congestion. Again, the symptom becomes stronger when meeting with the allergen. Thus in the absence of precipitating factors, the nose will be back to normal breathing.

It should be understood that an allergic reaction has nothing to do with the cold. It occurs separately and sometimes in certain seasons. If you do not start timely treatment, then you may develop asthma.

It is essential to identify the allergen and, if possible, to completely eliminate contact with him. Will also need to undergo medical treatment. We often need to take antihistamines to reduce Allergy symptoms. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is recommended to visit a specialist to consult about your case.


If a sore throat and head, you can immediately assume the SARS or the flu. Often the person is really suffering from these pathologies, and their height in the spring or in the fall. The first symptoms depend on the specific virus, or from bacterial infection. It is possible that at first it will be only discomfort in the head and soreness in the throat.

Often joined by the following characteristics:

  1. General weakness in the body. The person feels tired, increased sleepiness.
  2. Observed nasal congestion. Usually, the first time it is impossible to vismarkt, and vasoconstrictor drops only help for a short period.
  3. Feeling the aches in the muscles. This suggests that the toxicity of the body.
  4. Sensation of heat, or Vice versa sneaks chills.
  5. The temperature of the body. It is noteworthy that in some cases it may be absent. Also she is low – in the range of 37.5 degrees. Over time, there is a possibility of its increase up to 39 degrees.

It is important to monitor health status, because under the cold, often hiding a more dangerous pathology. For example, meningitis, which initially also has similar symptoms. If a person becomes significantly worse, then you will need to call an ambulance.

At home treatment is the standard scheme. Have to comply with bed rest, drink plenty of fluids, because the body loses moisture. It is useful to gargle with salted liquid, or special tools. If necessary, it is necessary to take analgesics, and agents having anti-inflammatory effect.

In ordinary cases the disease lasts no more than a week. If a person does not become easier, then you have to visit a doctor and be diagnosed.


In this case, begins an inflammatory process that affects the back stack of the pharynx. There is a strong cough, sore throat, and hoarseness. Body temperature on average reaches 38 degrees. As a rule, the higher it will rise.

It is because of intoxication a headache, and General weakness. Pharyngitis rarely appears as an independent disease. Often it is a consequence goes untreated flu or viral infection. For this reason, it is important to timely treatment, to avoid negative consequences.

To treat pharyngitis should be under the supervision of a specialist. You will need to buy special tools that will allow you to remove unpleasant symptoms, but also eliminate the inflammatory process. The speed of treatment depends on the individual patient, as well as the correctness of the assigned therapy.


This disease is also called angina, in this case, the inflammation primarily affects the tonsils. In most cases there are no symptoms of viral infection. The man said that he had a sore throat, and unpleasant sensations when turning the head, swallowing and talking.

The temperature is mostly high, it can reach 39 degrees. Patients complain of headache, which is accompanied by throughout the disease. Treatment should take place with the use of complex drugs. Assigned antibacterial agents that fight harmful microorganisms. You will also need to regularly gargle to strengthen the immune system to bring the temperature down. Definitely need to see a doctor, because if not properly treated, strep throat will cause serious complications. In the most severe cases can even be fatal.

Options for the treatment of pain

If a person is faced with a headache and sore throat, then it becomes important to get rid of negative symptoms. Of course, only to muffle the discomfort is impossible. Definitely need to take care of clarifying their causes, in order to implement the right treatment. It is not enough only to focus on the symptoms, it is important to visit a doctor.

To facilitate health you need to use painkillers. It is desirable that they possessed anti-inflammatory action. This will help reduce the discomfort, additionally, it is recommended to use the lozenges for the throat. They not only ease the condition of the body, but also contribute to a speedy recovery.

It is useful to caress the mouth with special solutions to eliminate bacteria, reduce inflammation and reduce pain. If you have a temperature, then you need to take antipyretic means. Suitable, for example, Dipyrone or Ibuprofen. When there is a suspicion of bacterial infection, you need to use antibiotics.

If possible, you should comply with bed rest, plenty to drink fluids and try not to strain yourself both mentally and physically. SARS should become easier after a few days. It is extremely important to ensure that health is not worse, if you do not want to face serious complications.

Other reasons

In some cases, unpleasant feelings arise not because of the disease. For example, a person could injure the mucous membrane, causing the observed pain. The patient can the mucous to scratch or damage the solid food. Could also be a burn from hot food, which also leads to pain in the throat.

As for the headaches, it may follow trauma or occur for other reasons. For example, from physical exhaustion, due to overheating in the sun, changes in weather conditions, etc., There is a probability that the sore throat and discomfort in the head simply matched together and not talking about the onset of the disease.

Sometimes unpleasant symptoms may appear when inflammation of the gums and teeth. For example, this happens when stomatitis or periodontitis. Of course, self-diagnose such a disease will not work. Definitely need to go to the dentist if you suspect dental disease.

Regardless of the situation, for a person, it will be important to measure the temperature when a sore throat and head. When its presence can be suspected respiratory disease or any other inflammatory process. If not, then we can assume the mucosa injury, allergies or problems with the teeth and gums.

To be healthy, it is important to take preventive measures. The person needs to avoid the draft, not SuperCool, not to abuse cold drinks and to strengthen the immune system. If there is a SARS or other disease, then it is important treated promptly, differently there can be complications.

In any case, we should not ignore the soreness in the throat and head, because they are a signal of inflammatory process. Only the timely treatment will allow to avoid negative consequences. It’s advisable to undergo the therapy under the supervision of a physician, to quickly achieve the recovery.

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