Headaches diet the causes and consequences of

Headache may occur due to different reasons. If the time to go to the doctor, and will be assigned to proper therapy, it will help to cope with this disease. Why hunger headache, it is of interest to many people. Headache may be due to the fact that the body requires food. There is pain syndrome when a person wants to eat, but only take the food, the soreness goes away.


Often there is a headache that occurs because of malnutrition or hunger, and immediately disappears after a meal. Just need to start eat normally and unpleasant sensations pass.

Symptoms when fasting:

  • most often pain occurs in the frontal region;
  • the pain is nagging and nagging, but without spasms;
  • during a long starvation discomfort can go all over the head.
  • can be dizziness and weakness.

The pain syndrome begins to occur 15 hours after the last meal. But it all depends on someone’s individual body. Some people in four or five hours feel pain in the region of the head. Pain occurs when there is starvation, and unpleasant feeling may last several days. The symptom is as soon as the normalized power.


The reasons may be different, all depends on genetic predisposition and what is the way of life. Doctors say that the headache can most often due to starvation, there is a symptom of diet.

Frequent causes of pain when hungry:

  1. Stress is a reaction of the human body, and the body thinks that it is no longer want to feed and displays it in the form of headaches. When you feel hungry, the brain is not receiving the vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and start disorders in the body.
  2. The lack of glucose in the blood. This starts an unpleasant sensation in the head. If a person is sitting on a low calorie diet, the brain is not receiving enough sugar, and he works through the glucose.
  3. Hypothalamus may be causing pain in the head, because there is a center, which is responsible for hunger and saturation. If there is starvation, the brain receives a large number of signals from all organs and it reboots itself. This is the provocateur headaches.

There are people who have a high risk of getting the pain of hunger because of these reasons. You can also deal with migraine hungry, which is often inherited.

Headaches on diet

Doctors recommend to follow a proper diet. It is not necessary to completely abandon the food. When you want to go on a diet, you have to make all the rules. You first need to check the condition and consultation with a good specialist.

The reasons to have a headache from hunger on a diet:

  • is cleansing the body, and toxins are excreted from the blood;
  • reaction to sugar substitutes;
  • restriction of food leads to bad mood, changing emotional background, and it provokes stress;
  • could be dehydration during weight loss, so you need to drink plenty of pure water;
  • improper diet can affect pain in the head, such a lack in the body of minerals and vitamins, this can lead to malfunction of organs.

It should not be forgotten that one cannot suddenly go on a diet. Even if you are fasting, you need to start to prepare the body with light food such stress, and only then go to special mode.

Dieting not as safe as it would seem, because of this may suffer the health. If you want to remove the extra pounds, it is necessary to seek the assistance of a dietitian. It will help you to choose correct and varied diet. Never use your own medication to relieve discomfort. You will need to go to the doctor if long time no headache.


First and foremost you need to seek help from a doctor and be tested. This will allow you to find problems in the body and assess the condition of the patient.

It’s clear that if fasting is a headache, you must treat her only food. But not all food can give a good result of therapy. It is not recommended to remove the pain with chocolate. It is a simple carbohydrate that has the ability to disintegrate quickly, and unpleasant sensations in the head can only become stronger.

Even hard cheeses are not the best option in order to relieve the pain. It contains tyramine, it increases blood pressure, and there is a painful discomfort in the brain. It is not necessary to use meat products, they also cause unpleasant sensations in the head area.

In this situation, a useful ingredient is a protein that is in chicken. It gives you the opportunity to feast on for a long time. The best option would be to eat meat with vegetables, so as to digest complex proteins, the body needs to spend vitamins. You need to use in your diet cereals, fish and dairy products. Gives a good result magnesium, present in nuts, green vegetables.

If a person is on a diet, and often lead to pain in the head, then most likely it is not suitable. Then you need to change it to a more suitable one. Never forget that you need to drink plenty of water a day.

If all the rules are followed, but pain persists, you need to take medication. Good drugs such as paracetamol and baralgin. But antispasmodics in this case will not help, they act on the expansion of blood vessels in the brain, when spasms occur.

NSAIDs also can not be used. At the same time, if you take the drug on an empty stomach, it can lead to ulcers. If the headache persists for a long time, it cannot be ignored, it can lead to depression and migraines. You must also consult a doctor if the human condition is getting worse.

Fasting and prevention

A popular way of fasting can be as spiritual purification. Those who use regular food refusal, I think that the headaches occur because of toxins in the body. It takes a certain time when fasting, the toxins are, the person begins to feel more alert. But such methods can be dangerous, they have consequences.

But if we consider it quite differently, the short fasting during the day under the supervision of a specialist can help to relieve the digestion. This should be drinking plenty of water. It will bring only good and useful result, if you follow all recommendations. But do not choose such methods, if fasting can lead to painful sensations in the head area.

Most people can’t afford to eat about four times a day. This can lead to such problems as chronic fatigue, gastritis and the pain of hunger. You must make sure that the diet was normalized. This will prevent many diseases and will also help to get rid of headaches. You also need to eat at the same time, to get the body used to it.

It is necessary to observe proper diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will prevent headaches when fasting and other unpleasant symptoms. Diet can cause harm to the body as improper diet leads to deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

You also need to drink up to two liters per day of water to avoid dehydration. If hunger, you must consume a Cup of liquid, it helps when there are painful sensations in the head.

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