To cure sinusitis without puncture at home

Among the pathologies of the paranasal sinuses of the nose inflammation of the maxillary sinus are very common. It is connected not with the fact that the disease increased prevalence and difficulty of treatment of this disease.

Suspected signs of inflammation in this place on the background of respiratory diseases is difficult, therefore, sinusitis is more common in chronic advanced form. The main method of treatment – a puncture and the introduction of antibacterial solution in order to wash accumulated inside pathogenic microorganisms, pus, and other impurities.

How to treat sinusitis without puncture in an outpatient home – can tell an experienced physician. For this purpose, various methods and products. When you assign a plan of conservative therapy should take into account many factors including the strain of bacteria, antibiotic sensitivity and the degree of neglect of the process. So, before how to cure sinusitis without puncture, you should seek medical help from a doctor otolaryngologist. After further examinations it is possible to treat without sophisticated medical procedures.

Do not be afraid of the doctor, treatment of chronic and acute sinusitis without puncture of the sinus in the present, more than likely. And the sooner it will be dealt a visit to the doctor, the higher the chances of a successful outcome to this difficult, sometimes even painful disease.

Treatment of purulent maxillary sinusitis without puncture begins with the diagnosis

Therapy of any disease always begins with the initial diagnosis and research with a view to setting a revised diagnosis. Typical for purulent sinusitis symptoms is headache, worse when bending head and rotation of the eyeballs, feeling of fullness in the nose, and constant nasal congestion on one side. Uncomfortable sensations when going outside, contact with the bright light on the cornea of the eye. The secretion from the nasal passage of pus and mucus also indicates the presence of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. However, without a laboratory diagnosis to determine the localization impossible.

Treatment of sinusitis without puncture at home require holding x-ray picture of the sinuses. Determined by the blackouts and pneumaticaly possible to determine the precise localization of pathological changes. Then after a detailed inspection and study of General blood analysis, the doctor decides on the method of therapy. If you have an irrigation of the sinus, then abandon this procedure is not necessary, because that is the way the shortest way to significantly alleviate the condition of the patient.

Do not delay treatment, possible complications can be meningitis, encephalitis, inflammation of the arachnoid of the brain, otitis media, and several other dangerous diseases. In any case, do not use folk methods, based on warming. The fact that purulent sinusitis provokes outflow of pus from the sinuses. And heating increases the amount of secretion. As a result, the condition is deteriorating rapidly and is fraught with a sepsis.

Is it possible to cure antritis without puncture and lavage of the sinus?

Is there any hope for complete deliverance from disease without going to the doctor? Definitely not – self-treatment in this pathology is fraught with transition in the chronic form and development of numerous complications up to necrotic changes in the bone tissue. Is it possible to cure antritis without puncture, puncture and consecutive irrigation of the sinuses in conditions of modern medicine? Here the answer is not straightforward and largely depends on the time of treatment of the patient for help.

The sooner this happens, the greater the probability of a positive answer to the above question. But again it should be clarified that in each case is an individual decision based on received survey data.

Inflammation of the maxillary sinuses often causes gradual hyperplasia (overgrowth) of the mucous membranes that forms a deviated septum. Almost 70% of patients with similar diagnoses in the medical history is symptoms of sciatica and self treatment with antibiotics. Therefore, we recommend to entrust the therapy of an experienced otolaryngologist.

Standards of treatment of such diseases in recent times has changed dramatically. Without any need to puncture even with the help of endoscopic equipment, no one will. If you have a chance to reverse the inflammatory process conservative methods, that will primarily used this is the opportunity. Any puncture of the paranasal sinuses is fraught with the addition of a secondary pathogenic organisms and subsequent development of scar connective tissue. All this forms adhesions which can sometimes cause more harm than purulent sinusitis.

Treatment of sinusitis without puncture: techniques and medications

Treatment of sinusitis without puncture begins with determining the sensitivity of pathogenic microflora. It’s enough to make bacterial seeding discharge from the nasal passages. After receiving the results, the doctor prescribes a scheme of antibacterial therapy. In the advanced clinics use specially designed catheter Yamik. With the help of this probe is given the accumulated pus in the maxillary cavity is injected antiseptic medicinal solution.

Before you can treat sinusitis without puncture at home, you must ensure that the patient has no distinct allergic reaction to certain medications.

Appointed by such drugs as antibiotics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory drugs. The methods used involve physical therapy, electrophoresis with lydasum, phonophoresis, magnetotherapy.

The standard scheme of the overall effect on the patient’s condition includes:

  • antibacterial agent, for example, “Amoxiclav” 500 mg 2 times a day for 7 days;
  • an antihistamine to reduce swelling of the mucous shell nose (“Suprastin” 1 tablet 2 times a day;
  • a comprehensive vitamin-mineral preparation with the aim of restoring immunity;
  • fever elevated body temperature (“Paracetamol”, “Acetylsalicylic acid”, “Ibuprofen”).

Locally can be used vasoconstrictor, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory nose drops. Can be used for this purpose, “Dioxidine”, “Chlorhexidine”, “Protargol”. Of drops certain effect have “IRS-18” and “Rinofluimutsil”, “Sinuforte”, “Polideksa”.

For the entire period of treatment of sinusitis without puncture provides a sheet of temporary disability. The patient is advised to stay in bed, avoid exercise, take plenty of fluids to liquefy and drain pus.

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