Headache with a cold treatment

Colds are often accompanied by congestion of the sinuses, so people can’t imagine SARS and the flu without the runny nose. There are also other pathological manifestations, which depend on the type of disease.

A little less nasal mucus stands out because of allergies to different elements such as: pollen, hair, dust and other triggers. Often a headache with a cold, and people are interested in what you may experience unpleasant symptoms. Given the fact that he may indicate the emergence of complications, it is necessary to understand the situation.

Headache with a cold

If a person has cold or caught a viral infection, then it won’t be confusing headache and nasal congestion. These manifestations can be added a temperature, and aching muscles, cough and redness of the throat. Unpleasant sensations in the head are not a deviation, this is especially characteristic for the beginning of the disease.

Pain can cause intoxication of the body caused by the vital activity of viruses and bacteria. It is also possible the pressure of the intracranial fluid in brain tissue. In some situations, inflammation occurs in the sinuses, and the pain experienced in the head.

As a rule, unpleasant sensations are observed in the forehead and temples. If this symptom accompanies high temperature, then you can be sure that the body is fighting an illness. It happens that the main symptoms of a cold have passed, but a stuffy nose and a headache. In such a situation, you can suspect that these symptoms went chronic.

It is recommended to consult a doctor to learn more about the condition of the body. Especially need to visit the doctor if a headache occurs with a high fever and starts vomiting, because it may indicate meningitis. Regardless of the situation, to start pathology should not, and must undergo proper treatment.

Other causes of pain in the head when cold

If you have a headache from the cold it is not necessary to exclude probability of occurrence of a serious illness. It may occur independently and be a complication of the common cold. Alone it is only possible to assume what people have to deal with. To be able to know the exact diagnosis, it is necessary to visit the hospital.

Some patients may experience otitis media, which is often the consequence of improper treatment of rhinitis. Will definitely be an additional symptom in the ear will be the blazing pain. The patient will be temporarily worse to hear because of the inflammatory process.

When there is a runny nose and a headache, you might suspect one of the serious complications of meningitis. In this condition the inflammation passes into the brain tissue. The state bears the risk to life and accompanied by General weakness, and vivid response to loud sounds and light. May be present nausea and vomiting that does not bring relief. It is important to consult a medical professionals to avoid serious consequences including death.

When sinusitis is often observed runny nose and headache. The person completely loses the ability to breathe through the nose while uncomfortable sensations when bending and any activity. Nose often stands out not only mucus, but also purulent secret. Body temperature increases slightly, but the main pain going near the nose. The more you progress the pathology, the worse the patient’s condition.

Allergic rhinitis is not accompanied by a temperature, but a person has nasal discharge, and can also give you headaches. Pathology occurs due to reaction of immune system to the allergen. Often people can also have skin rash, redness of the eyes and the region near the nose. If you use painkillers, they do not always give the desired effect. Best antihistamines, they immediately eliminate all symptoms.

Furunculosis is a serious disease, which swells the mucous membrane and forms an abscess. In humans, there are clear signs of intoxication, and severity of symptoms depends on the size of the boil. To disappear runny nose and headache, you will need to open the abscess. It is important to consider that to do so is exclusively in the hospital, in order not to face negative consequences.

Of course, headaches, runny nose can be due to acute rhinitis. Bacteria that live in the nasal cavity begin to multiply rapidly and cause harm to the body. To prevent this, it is important to promptly treat a cold and don’t wait until it arrives in the acute or chronic form. Also you should take care of the therapy of related diseases, so as to lay the nose due to viruses and inflammation.

General guidelines

When from a cold headache, a person can greatly worsen health. For this reason, it is important to urgently take action, and then will be able to soon return to normal life. As soon as the first signs of the disease, it is best to lie down at home. This will allow to avoid negative consequences in the form of complications of the disease.

It is best to stay in bed, get plenty of sleep and take medicine. Physical activity better to reduce as the mental strain. If present with a cold a headache, then it is necessary to air the room and to go to traditional treatment methods. They are effective in those cases where serious pathology is absent.

It is useful to be in a state of peace, not to promote a headache. Even reading the book or watching the film can lead to deterioration. It is recommended to observe the change of health, to understand what actions to take. If not better to become, then you will not be able to avoid a visit to the doctor.

Traditional treatment

When you have a runny nose and a headache, you can take special pills. Suitable drugs you need to choose depending on what the cause of provoked discomfort. In the case when the body has infection, you have to fight with her. Then runny nose and headache will disappear by themselves.

Which drugs are prescribed:

  1. In severe viral infections can prescribe a special antiviral drug. They have different effects on the human body. Some prevent the development of bacteria and destroy them, while others activate the immune system and increase the production of interferon. Their common remedies can prescribe Alferon, Arbidol and Rimantadine.
  2. When severe pain may require painkillers. Often experts recommend Paracetamol Took and Pentalgin. It should be noted that they are for a long time should not be used. They are intended to in an emergency to relieve the pain.
  3. When I was diagnosed with sinusitis, the treatment may require local medication. For example, Izofra drops, Aqua Maris, which are used for washing. Often, specialists prescribe sprays containing antibiotics. To choose their own medication should not be, you should always consult with a specialist.
  4. In some cases, patients vasoconstrictive drops to relieve the pain with a lack of oxygen or swelling of the mucosa. Common are Long, Tizin and Snoop. People use them on a regular basis, but no longer than 5 days.

To determine an individual course of treatment should consult a doctor. Only he will be able to clearly say what treatments will be suitable for a particular person.

Traditional ways of treatment

Often enough to achieve the desired result help traditional treatments. They fit perfectly in the dim symptoms, which can be removed without pharmaceutical drugs. For example, you can use menthol oil for headaches. They need to grease the back of the head, the forehead and temples to unpleasant symptom started to take place.

Also recommended lavender oil, you will need to apply 2-3 drops on a handkerchief, and then 2 minutes to inhale the aroma. With the use of miranova and rose oil massage whiskey. Also headaches effectively helps a cold compress for which moistened with water, a small towel and placed on the forehead.

With a cold and pain in the head should give up Smoking and from drinking alcohol. It is not recommended to take additional pills, if the first time the pain has not disappeared. Be sure to consult with your doctor to determine the pathology and begin treatment. The appearance of many pathologies can be prevented if you do not do therapy at home. Especially this rule applies to those situations where human health is deteriorating, and the usual methods of treatment do not help.

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