Burning sensation in the back of the head causes treatment

Burning sensation in the back of the head is a symptom of various pathological conditions, which can lead to serious complications. So leave the symptom without attention is not recommended. When it occurs the patient should contact the doctor, who, after the relevant diagnosis, prescribe treatment.

The causes of pathology

Burning sensation in the back of the head appears against the background of various diseases that occur in the body of the patient.

Doctors diagnose burning when:

  1. Cervical osteochondrosis. When the disease breaks down cartilage and disks, are formed by salt deposits, zaselyalsya nerves shifted discs, peredelyvayut blood vessels. In the period of occurrence of pathology noted the appearance of oxygen starvation in the brain. patients of the disturbed innervation of the tissues. The disease occurs when the wrong lifestyle, abuse of alcohol, sedentary work, excess weight.
  2. Panic attacks. In pathology of the patient there is fear, anxiety and panic, which he cannot explain. The disease is characterized by the development of vegetative symptoms. Patients claim that they have lit the back of the head. Strengthening the symptom is observed when feeling a strong surge. The symptom is observed when heart disease, hormonal disorders, taking certain drugs. When the disease, the patient loses touch with reality, afraid of death, is confused thought.
  3. Chronic fatigue. In patients who have an irregular daily routine, often a headache. The main cause of pathology is the wrong mode of the day. Observed the appearance of physical and emotional stress.
  4. Hypertension. An increase in blood pressure affected artery, which delivers blood to brain, thus can burn the head. Observed strain of the walls of the arteries and active blood flow, which leads to a burning sensation.
  5. Mental overstrain. At risk are women, whose age is more than 30 years. The occurrence of symptoms observed at the emotional strain of the patient. The muscles of the neck and head spazmiruet that leads to pain.
  6. Spondylosis. Pathology diagnosed in the elderly. It is provoked by a sedentary lifestyle, injuries, violation of the exchange process. These reasons lead to the appearance of osteophytes, which is the irritation of the surrounding tissue and reduced mobility of the spine.
  7. Neuralgia of the occipital nerve. If the occipital nerve to push the tumor, it leads to the appearance of symptoms, which are amplified during the palpation. The discomfort cannot be resolved by use of analgesic drugs. Neuralgia occurs simultaneously with the stroke, meningitis, encephalitis.
  8. Of intracranial hypertension. In the pathology of intracerebral fluid is increased in number. With its accumulation in the skull develops cephalalgia. The symptom may often, at any time of the day. The pain has a burning and bursting with character.
  9. Hypothermia. If muscle affects low temperature, they become inflamed. In this case, the furnace can muscle. Some patients diagnosed with lumbago in other parts of the head.
  10. Dystonia. In the pathology observed malfunction of the autonomic system. The disease occurs on a background of stressful situations and emotional surges, hormonal failures and improper working of internal organs.
  11. Tension-type headaches. Appear the symptom of physical or nervous overstrain. It is accompanied by a rapid pulse, sensation of tingling in the neck. If the patient hears loud noises or sees a bright light, it leads to increased symptoms.
  12. Cervical migraine. Unpleasant sensations can occur on one side or be characterized by symmetry. Pathology occurs when the cervical osteochondrosis, trauma, congenital anomalies of the vertebrae.

There are many causes of the pathology, so to determine their own is impossible. In this case, it is recommended to seek help from a specialist.

Diagnostic measures

If you have any burning in the head, the patient should consult a neurologist. The doctor will examine the patient and gather medical history.

After that, the specialist is the purpose of laboratory and instrumental examinations:

  1. Blood. The study allows us to determine somatic and chronic diseases.
  2. Ophthalmologic examination. For the study used a special instrument, which examined the fundus, check the condition of the refraction and quality of vision.
  3. Daily monitoring of arterial pressure. Allows to determine averages and identify arterial hypertension.
  4. Echoencephalography. Using the method defined large tumors.
  5. Magnetic resonance imaging. Is a safe technique, which is the fixation of tumors and abnormalities in the blood vessels.
  6. Electroencephalography. Provides the capability to define electrical discharges that occur in the brain. the method enables the assessment of the work of the brain or exclude epilepsy.

Diagnosis of burning must be integrated that will allow to determine the cause of pathology and direct treatment to eliminate it.

Treatment of the symptom

Therapy of the pathological process depends on its causes. When cervical migraine recommended to stop pain and direct therapy to eliminate provoking factors. The same scheme of treatment of neuralgia of the occipital nerve. If the patient is diagnosed with dystonia, it is recommended complex therapy, in accordance with the etiology of the disease and clinical picture.

In spondylosis patients assigned to diet, massage, treatment medicine, therapeutic exercise. Intracranial hypertension cure with the use of diuretics, lumbar puncture. In pathology, it is recommended to eliminate the cause of the increasing number of cerebrospinal fluid. If a person is observed hypothermia, offer him peace. The treatment is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. After the occurrence of the acute period recommended to carry out warming up.

Hypertension treated with antihypertensive drugs. To facilitate the patient’s condition should be symptomatic therapy. During therapy it is recommended to combat aggravating factors – obesity, metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis. In case of mental strain use of relaxation techniques, massage, antianxiety drugs, physiotherapy. Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis is anti-inflammatory drugs and nootropics. Recommended exercises, massage and physiotherapy.

Panic attacks, the patient must consult a psychologist. If the flow of the disease of internal organs that provoke the pathology that is fixing them. Patients with chronic fatigue recommended to adjust the mode of the day and ensure a restful sleep. Recommended restorative drugs, vitamins and sedatives. Headaches surge should normalize day regimen, to take sedatives and to carry out reflexology.

Burning sensation in the back of the head is a symptom of various diseases in the human body. To assign rational treatment is recommended to identify predisposing factors.

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