8 Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Man!

“Should I consider him?”

“Is he trustworthy?”

Yes, we know and we understand that it’s natural for such questions to arise. Especially, when you have fallen out of relationships way too many times. You probably live by the notion that nice men are like those perfect pair of heels that are really comfortable but also extremely hard to find. However, ladies, not every man out there is the same. There are good guys too and you might cross paths with them at some point of time.

We’ve made your life a little easier by putting down these tell-tale signs that you have found the perfect man. If you find any of these signs, just hang on to him like a panda and never let go!

1. He Lets You Be The Real You
8 Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Man!

It’s very important that when you’re with him, he never asks you to behave in a certain manner. He just lets you be yourself and loves you for that. He loves your silly side and puts up with your PMSing tantrums. If he falls in love with your imperfections, take it from us that you’ve met the one.

2. Being With Him Seems Like The Best Place To Be
8 Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Man!

You don’t need a perfect romantic date with a view, or a night at the much talked about pub downtown to have fun with him. Sitting with him in your living room is enough for the both of you to have a fun night full of conversations and intimate moments. The best date for you could be a night when you both let your hair down and gulp down your favorite bottle of wine (Wine memories are the best!).

3. It’s More Than Just Love For You Both
8 Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Man!

He makes you feel loved like never before. But, it just doesn’t end there. You feel a sense of security with him, he makes sure you feel that he’s got your back through thick and thin. Love alone isn’t enough for a relationship, you definitely need more than just that, and luckily, you’ve found it. You have found him.

4. He Makes You Want To Be A Better Person
8 Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Man!

There’s him loving you for what you are. And then there’s him trying to make you shed your inhibitions and be the best version of yourself. In fact, you will want to be a better person for him. The moment this thought rings in your head, it’s your heart singing “He’s the one!” (Do you hear violins playing in the background?)

5. You Feel Lucky When You See Yourself With Him
8 Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Man!

You both look into each other’s eyes and only one thought runs in your heart and mind – “I’m so lucky to have you in my life.” Being in awe with each other is a sign that you both are together in love at the same level. You’re probably even using a lot of hashtags (like #blessed) in your head thinking about him.

6. Future Talks Excite You Both
8 Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Man!

Talking about your future plans together doesn’t ring any alarms, but you hear wedding bells! You can picture yourself sitting with him and talking about your home together in the future. None of you are apprehensive or doubtful about each other. You’re neither rushing it nor taking the relationship on a snail’s pace. You both seem to have figured it out, and a future together excites you.

7. You Just Know It Deep Down Inside
8 Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Man!

You know it’s him and your heart says so. You don’t need a checklist to evaluate if he is the one for you. It could be the gut, the heart, or the mind talking, but you just feel so strongly about him that you know he’s the one.

8. Fights Aren’t Scary Anymore
8 Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Man!

When you both fight, you know that it’s a phase and tomorrow when you wake up, you will find him next to you wanting to hug you. Your fights and arguments end before you know it. It simply doesn’t play a roadblock in your relationship. You know you’ve found the man of your life when you have stopped calculating your actions and words.

We definitely cannot jot down a check list for you to understand if he’s the one for you or not. You are the best judge. If you feel right about him, and if he makes you feel amazing, maybe he is the one. Have you found the one for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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