12 Things To Start Doing For Yourself Immediately

We all know that we have got just one chance to live the life we are blessed with. To top it off, we also have a clause that life is short and full of uncertainties. But, most of us put our dreams and goals on hold for another day, for another tomorrow. What if that tomorrow never comes?

Don’t you think that life is what’s happening “now”? And we need to chase our dreams, start doing what we really love, right now! Today is the time for everything you wanted in life, everything you always wanted to be in this life of yours.

And if you’ve been thinking about where to start, sit down and pen down your thoughts; the thoughts that bother you, and the thoughts that urge you to become something in life. And if you still cannot figure it out, here’s a cheat code for you. Read on and maybe you will realize your start point.

1. Design A Vision For Yourself

Paint a clear picture of what is it that drives you the most in life. Understand your expectations from your own life in terms of relationships, love, career, lifestyle, fitness, etc. The best thing you could do for yourself is to know what you want to be

2. Love And Pamper Your Body

A healthy body will help you strive hard towards your goals in life. You cannot achieve anything with a weak body or mind. Treat your body with all the essentials like water, nutrients, vitamins, yoga, massages, and exercise. Stay fit and rock on!

3. Hear Your Heart Out

You can get all the help you can – those therapy sessions, the counseling sessions to help you understand what you want to be in life. But when none of it works, the best thing to do is to listen to your heart. Pay heed to your intuitions. After all, it is the heart that is the key to our life; it tells you things which your witty brain cannot.

4. Create Your Own Rituals

Make your own ritual. Read a book while sipping on some hot chai every evening. Or read a prayer every morning, or just take a stroll in the park. Formulate a routine in a manner that inculcates certain values in your everyday life.

5. Practice Gratitude

Be grateful for what you have. Gratitude is nothing less than magic; the charisma of practicing it will only attract more goodness into your life

6. Consider Yourself Responsible

Come to a realization that the happiness, the sadness, and the chaotic mess are all a result of your actions and not anyone else’s. If you think you are in need of some love, then fill yourself up with it. Don’t look at another one to do the same for you. Own up to your personal responsibilities.

7. Connect With Your Soul

Try to understand and communicate with your inner self – the part of yours that is beyond your thoughts and emotions. Nothing like making your soul happy, isn’t it?

8. Plan Your Week And Then Reflect Upon It

Lay out a blueprint for the entire week ahead of you. Plan it keeping in mind all the things that you could achieve and enjoy in a week. And on the weekend, do a self-analysis of whether or not the week went by according to your plans. This will make you more disciplined as a person.

9. Learn To Celebrate Everything

Small wins are better than big wins in life. They build up the confidence in you and make you work harder towards achieving bigger things. And don’t celebrate alone, do it with your family and closed ones.

10. De-clutter Your Personal Space

You probably have dozens of clothes or shoes and all things materialistic, but always cut down on the old ones. Give them away to someone who is in need of them. Owning and stuffing things around you will block the positive energy. By giving away things you are developing the sense of charity within you.

11. Do Your Own Regular Check Up

Always look at yourself in the mirror every now and then and talk to yourself. Ask yourself if you’re doing fine or not. Place your hand on the heart and ask if all is well. You may end up surprised by the answer of your inner conscience.

12. Keep It Simple

Don’t lead a hectic life. Always keep your priorities sorted. Cut down on the unnecessary activities that eat up your time. Sometimes, doing nothing is also a good thing. It’s almost like detoxing your body and mind.

Understand the importance of taking care of yourself in all aspects first. Don’t let your life go off the track. Try to identify signs that will help you know where your destiny lies. Start off today.  Never wait for tomorrow as there is no guarantee if it’s going to come. Here’s to living in the present, guys!

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