Choose The Position You Like To Sit In

Posture and personality. Is there really a connection there? Well, if scientists are to be believed, there most certainly is (1)! If you closely observe yourself while at work, at the dining table or at any activity that requires sitting, you’ll notice that you almost always sit in the same position.

Your preferred position hides many secrets of your personality that even you might not be aware of.

So, allow us to enlighten you. Just pick your sitting posture and we’ll tell you what it says about you!

1. Upright

Sitting upright is probably the best position for your back! If this is how you sit, it shows that you’re a very confident and determined person. Doubt is a word that doesn’t exist in your dictionary and you’re always in control.

That said, one of your key characteristics is that you’re very reliable and excellent at communication – whether it’s with your colleagues or relatives! When crisis strikes, you’re the first one who’s called for help.

2. Leaning Back

Taking the full support of your chair while you sit suggests you have a sensitive nature. Sympathizing with people comes naturally to you and indifference is something that doesn’t. When making decisions or doing something, you exercise caution.

You like to analyze the situation before carrying out an important task, which further points to your analytical side.

3. Leaning Forward

Leaning forward can be taken as a sign of two things – one, that you’re friendly and two, you take an interest in a lot of things. The latter, in turn, can suggest you get carried away quite easily.

You have a hint of curiosity in you, which makes you open to making new friends and acquaintances. Of the talents you have, your ability to assimilate yourself in a crowd and praise people in the right context are quite unique.

4. Legs Together

This position can make you come across as very cold and formal to people who meet you for the first time. However, this opinion will change entirely once people know who you really are.

That’s because you’re very kind, sincere, and friendly! But you’re not a sweet-talker. You answer questions directly and are quite meticulous. Punctual in everything you do, when you make a plan, you stick to it.

5. Ankles Crossed

Only true leaders sit with their ankles crossed and you are one of them! Your thirst for knowledge allows you to stay constantly informed about everything. You like to be in control of your situation as well as the people in your life, which can make you seem a tad bit dominating.

Although you like knowing new people, you get jealous quite easily.

6. Legs Crossed

Introverts like this position a lot as it helps them to convey their inherent shyness! This posture also reveals your modesty, humility, and the fact that sometimes, you feel a little embarrassed among people you don’t know.

Confidence is not one of your strong points at all. You’re a very closed individual, in fact. You prefer to keep your feelings to yourself.

7. Arms Crossed

Crossed arms is a tricky position as both introverts and ambiverts can use it! For introverts, it’s a way to show that they’re closed and unapproachable. For ambiverts, on the other hand, this position is revelatory of a strong character.

The posture shows that you think deeply, which is further reflected in your expression of concentration. You rarely flash a bright smile and despite your confidence, you’re not very open.

8. Hands Wedged Between Legs

People who are sensitive and gentle tend to sit with their hands between their legs. You have a good heart and nature, and are always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Often, this posture of yours can make you come across as shy, which is not wrong because you kind of are! You lack confidence and tend to doubt your own decisions.

9. Hands On Your Knees

An authoritative posture to have, if you sit this way, you are a born leader! Confidence and boldness are two of your dominant qualities and you make it a point to display them. You pay attention to whatever you do and have a strong focus.

Never the kind to shy away from responsibilities, you even help people make their own decisions. Problems don’t scare you as you know how to fix them instantly!

10. Hands Locked Together

Even though it can be perceived as a sign of a calculative nature, interlocked fingers show more than that. This posture aptly brings out your amiability, openness, and impulsiveness. Emotional as you are, you still try to stay optimistic and cheerful! Your positive energy is infectious and you inspire people with your conversations.

By observing your posture, you not only get to learn something about yourself but about others too! So, never underestimate the role of body language in your personality.

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