10 Rules From Couples Who Survived Rough Patches In Their Relationship

We may all have the ability to love, but how many of us are capable of handling relationship challenges and making it last? Being in a relationship with an amazing person can’t be termed as pure luck.

Every relationship goes through different phases and it takes a lot of effort from both the ends to make it last forever.

So, can a happily ever after be achieved? Here’s a list of rules we have curated from couples who have faced a crisis in their relationships, fought through it, and are now stronger than ever.

10. If You Are Not Okay With Something – Just Say It

If you have a problem with the way things are going on between you and your partner-talk it out. As much as we think it’s important to let our partner know how much we love them, it’s also important to let them know if we aren’t okay with a particular thing.

Discuss the concerns, fix it. Do away with communication gap.

9. Make Your Own Unique Couple Rituals

Doing daily chores together can help strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Doing things together can act as an emotional barometer that will help to maintain a healthy relationship. Plus, it’s a lot of fun (you know what we are talking about here, don’t you?).

It saves your relationship from fading out.

8. Be Real With Your Partner

We always shy away from being ourselves (our “real” selves). We all have some peculiar traits. You may be a bathroom singer, singing away, but when outside the shower, you wear your stealth mode best.

Similarly, you could also be one of those women who can put the best dancers to shame, but you do so only behind locked doors. Even if you are Batman, tell your partner. Be yourself and they will fall in love with you even more!

7. Put Yourself First, Always

We know love is all about two souls becoming one. But, hey! We also know that we fell in love with a person because something about that person attracted us, or rather impressed us. Then why always play the “we” game? Healthy egoism is very crucial for a long-lasting relationship.

Because, if you aren’t going to be yourself anymore, how will you keep your partner interested in you? Never forget to stop living your life and doing what you love because of a relationship.

6. Compliment Each Other

Complimenting each other can be an ice-breaker. We are not talking about mere praises for the appearance of your partner, complimenting also refers to acknowledging your partner’s efforts.

There’s a world out there that is forever ready to point out one’s flaws; therefore, be that one special person who can make your partner feel loved despite all their flaws. Be their John Legend!

5. Greet Each Other With A Kiss

Kissing doesn’t just ignite romance. It’s the support for your emotional connection with your partner.

It could be your first kiss or your thousandth, but it will still make your partner smile about it.

4. Keep The Communication Channels Open

We know love is an emotion. But, don’t forget to acknowledge that love is also an action. You may have found “the one” in life, but remember it isn’t a fairytale world! Your partner wouldn’t know of all your feelings and needs.

You need to say it out loud, express it, and communicate it for your partner to know you a little better.

3. Don’t Dismiss The Power Of Touch

As much as we think a touch could ignite the intimacy in a relationship, we also are aware of the healing power of a touch. A simple “I’m there for you” hug can instantly calm them down. Giving a simple head massage can erase you partner’s tensions and turn the time into a romantic one. So, touch matters, y’all!

2. Say Thank You

Gratitude can also be a foundation of a relationship. Often times, we find ourselves uttering “thank you” to strangers outside.

However, we tend to take things for granted with our family, and never thank our near and dear ones. We should make it a habit to thank our loved ones, every single day.

1. Be Realistic

A recent study says that the secret to a happy ever after has got a lot to do with convenience as well. What we are trying to say is, a marriage cannot work on the basis of just emotions, it needs to work out practically as well. A relationship is about two people, and having a difference of opinion is very common.

If you have your own secret to a healthy relationship, share them in the comments below!

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