Calling For Reader Submissions

We’re excited to be launching several new feature columns written by our readers. Feel free to submit to more than one column. We look forward to reading your writing!

You’re an expert, too.

In Her Shoes (Culture): Our world is full of strong, intelligent, creative, and interesting women. This section will interview and feature women from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. The goal of these interviews will be to inspire strength, professional and personal dreams, and to celebrate the beauty of the diversity of women and life experiences. To participate fill out this form and we’ll be in touch to conduct the interview.

Travel with a Local (Lifestyle): Hidden gems exist all over our country, and local residents are the best tour guides. We hope this feature will give women inspiration for a quick weekend trip with her hubby or friends, or suggestions for fun and beauty when you’re traveling through some random town for work. So send us a travel profile of your city or town. Submissions guidelines here.

At Home with Her (Lifestyle): We all have a favorite spot in our homes-a spot that gives us comfort, inspires us, or has hosted inspiring and fun moments with family and friends. We want to see these corners of your home, and perhaps let them inspire our own homes! Submission guidelines here.

What’s Your Style? (Fashion):Are you looking for a new approach to your wardrobe? Do you wear the same outfits over and over? Reset your fashion routine by inviting someone else to dress you for a week. The rules are simple:

1) Ask a friend or family member to pick out 5 outfits from your closet for you to wear in a week.

2) Send us a high quality picture of you wearing each outfit.

3) You and your friend each answer a few questions about the experiment. Questions and submissions guidelines can be found here.

Dating Unscripted (Relationships):

Women today are navigating a technological and communication shift that has radically changed the way we relate to one another. The dating script of past generations is not as predominant or easily applicable today. This column will seek to empower today’s dating women (and men who choose to read it) in their pursuit of romance and companionship. Through first-person stories, this column will reflect on how a particular dating experience helped us understand something about ourselves, the other person, what we’re looking for in love, and/or how to date (and relate to others) well.

When She Knew (Relationships):

We’re adding a little twist to the classic “how we met” stories! As we’ve written previously:

“When you know, you know” seems to imply that recognizing your future husband happens at a subconscious level-that certainty sweeps over us like an invisible wave. But more than anything, “just knowing” is really not a proper answer to those of us hoping to one day confidently say “yes” to a lifetime with a flawed and (possibly) alarmingly hairy human being. Knowing that you have met the man you can spend the rest of your life with is complex, which is why you frequently get that cop-out answer-but it’s not totally subliminal either.”

This column will share stories of the simple or not so simple ways women knew they had met the man they wanted to marry.

Making of a Mom (Relationships): Motherhood is one of the most beautiful and one of the most difficult experiences of a woman’s life. This column will share stories about the ways motherhood transforms a woman. Did motherhood change the way you understand yourself or change the way you relate to your spouse, your own parents, or your friends? Did becoming a mother surprise you with joy in ways you didn’t expect? Has something about motherhood helped heal a wound from your past? Has motherhood helped you to overcome an insecurity? Whatever the ways motherhood has impacted you as a woman, we want to hear your story!

If you have ideas not listed here, or questions for us, write to us at Submissions@osvilt.com. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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