I Decided To Dress Up Like A Filmstar Every Day And Here’s What Happened

Who doesn’t like dressing up here? Well, I never liked dressing up! But, yeah, it was once upon a time, not anymore. There was a time when I used to crib about parties, social gatherings, family functions only because of one reason- dressing up. I know I’m a girl and the passion to dress up and look all pretty needs to be innately present.

But folks, I wasn’t born that way. I loved to live a life of a tomboy. All I ever owned were a couple of denim, some polo t-shirts, and a few Converse or Vans shoes that never tortured my feet.

I used to hate makeup, heels, perfumes or just about anything that’s considered girly or over the top. My parents began to wish I was born a boy, not as a girl. But, honestly, I wondered what the fuss was all about. I was just being myself. And I loved myself. Period.

But, my best friend didn’t really like my arrogant attitude towards the whole idea of dressing up. She trapped me into a challenge of dressing up every day as a film star. I still wonder how she made me, a self-acclaimed clever human, fall for it. Nevertheless, I always am thankful for it. It’s the outcome of that challenge that I am a confident, sophisticated, and presentable woman today.

Here’s what my best friend wanted me to do. She gave me certain traits of characters. I had to link them to a Bollywood celebrity and dress up accordingly.

1. Tom Boy In Bollywood

This was a piece of cake. Bollywood actress Kajol from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, right? In fact, she was my inspiration for going all tomboy. I paired a cute jersey with my favorite Converse shoes. Tied up my hair in a ponytail and tucked it inside a cap. My friend wasn’t impressed. She knew I’d rock this look, like totally. I felt comfortable. I felt cool, way too cool.

2. Bubbly, Talkative, Carefree In Dressing Style

This got me thinking for a while. How can a dressing style be capable of talking all this, right? I was scanning all the leading Bollywood divas in my head. My brain stopped. It had the answer-Kareen Kapoor Khan from Jab We Met movie. Hell yeah! She transformed those harem pants like they were from Vogue. I wore super comfortable harem pants with a slogan t-shirt that read “girl power” and a pair of Kolhapuri chappals. I felt as if I was attracting good vibes, by the way, I dressed up. Whoever looked at me smiled and that made me smile broader. Wow! Dressing up makes not just you, but people around you smile.

3. Hippie Indian

This was easy-peasy (what was my bestie even thinking when she wanted me to crack this). What? You guys haven’t got it right yet? Arey yaar, remember Zeenat Aman in Hare Krishna Hare Ram? She totally donned the silver screen with the hippie look-a baggy kurta, oversized bumblebee glasses, and that flower garland. I dressed up the same way too- wore a kurta that had Om written all over it and teamed it up with a pair of bell-bottomed pants and the oversized glasses that I borrowed from mom. My friend was impressed for sure. And in college, everyone treated me like I was the coolest in town. Nope. Never got such attention before. I loved it.

4. Fashionista

Okay, I have absolutely no idea about fashion whatsoever. But, I sure do know if there is an actress who is obsessed with fashion and the branded couture, it surely is Sonam Kapoor. And I remember her playing a fashion heartthrob in the movie Aisha. She carried a very snooty attitude in the movie. So, I decided to be her for a day. I definitely did not own a Gucci bag or a red-carpet worthy dress.

I decided to play safe, wore a pair of distressed denim and a white t-shirt. Teamed it up with a denim jacket and matching boots. This was as sophisticated and fashionable as I could ever get. And my friend approved of the look (phew). Outcome? Well, a couple of guys did check me out. Some well-dressed girls from my college said a hello to me for the first time since time immemorial.

5. Hot Lecturer

Main Hoon Na! Remember the movie? Sushmita Sen played a beautiful, hot lecturer and made every student skip a beat. But, damn! She wears a saree throughout the movie. I had to do some household chores the previous night to get my mom help me wear a saree (Barter deals exist peeps and it always works with parents. Trust me)! I let my mom choose the saree (obviously, I wouldn’t. I have no idea about them you see). She patiently draped a beautiful light blue chiffon saree on me.

Made me wear matching jewelry and a pair of wedged heels (wedges are a boon to me in the world of heels). My friend’s jaw dropped when she saw me. She said I won the challenge instantly. And to top it off, my longtime crush noticed me and walked up to me to say that I looked beautiful. I was overwhelmed.

So, from the challenge, I understood that dressing up doesn’t mean you’re wasting time. You’re making an effort on yourself. Here on, I think I’ll dress up be a Bollywood baby. Who’s your favorite Bollywood icon? Let us know in the comments below.

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