6 Important Fashion Hacks That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

We definitely can’t stop accidents from happening, but we surely can keep them from spoiling the wardrobe we’ve built with our hard-earned money. Read on for now and you can thank us later.

Sometimes it’s not just us but even our wardrobes need to be rescued. A broken button or a red wine stain is enough to rain over our parade. But, if we are armed with the right fashion knowledge and quick solutions to fix all the fashion-related problems, all these fashion disasters can be managed with ease.

Now, whether you’re a guy or a girl, fashion is seamlessly important for most of us. But, yeah, when compared to men, it’s the women whose fashion is a bit more difficult to cope with (all those varieties of bras, the zippers, and the buttons we can’t reach).

And while you still might not consider yourself a creative person, in reality, we have come up with some foolproof tricks and tips that will transform you into a pro at fashion hacks. Because, hey!

1. Wearing Your Jeans And Boots Right

We always get triggered to reach out for a pair of boots when we have our favorite pair of skinny jeans on. But here comes the problem: your jeans are a bit lengthy and they get in the way of your ankle boots. Do boots look good? Yes! Do the jeans look good? Hell yeah! Together do they look good? Umm…no! (they look shabby and overlapped)

The Trick?

The trick here is to roll up your jeans by 2-3 times with a one-inch cuff. This will make for a fab combination of the jeans, boots, and you!

2. Collar Shirt Problems

Shirts make you look classy and quirky depending on what you pair them up with. The only problem with shirts is the stiffness of the collars. Are you planning to wear a new shirt that you just bought from the store? There’s no problem at all. But, wearing a shirt that you’ve just laundered is a headache. Ironing smoothens out the wrinkles of the shirt but, what about the perfect stiff collar that you desire?

The Trick?

Use your hair straightener here. It’s the perfect weapon to straighten your collar right. Try it and we bet you’ll thank us.

3. Your Favorite Old T-shirt

We all have that one t-shirt which we own since our teen years and we simply refuse to abandon it. Your parents, your friends, your colleagues, well, all of them have mocked you about it and asked you to get rid of it because the t-shirt looks old and dull. So, how do you fix an old t-shirt?

The Trick?

We have a perfect solution for that:

Take one-quarter of water and ½ cup of salt. Now, brine away your favorite t-shirt in this mixture of salt water for a good three days. Later, machine wash it with a dash of the detergent lying at home. Dry it. Now, you and your emotional buddy (your t-shirt) are ready to rock together.

4. The Stinky Feet Issues

We are born with boons and banes- like our beautiful but stinky feet (argh)! We need to figure out a way for both, keeping our feet beautiful the way they are and to make sure they don’t smell. You can’t really get a pedicure every day or wash your shoes every day, can you? So, here’s what you need to do.

The Trick?

Bad odor from our feet can get transferred to our footwear too. While we can use a pleasant smelling foot cream to make our feet smell like strawberries, what do we do with the stinky pair of footwear (especially the shoes)? Time to use tea bags in an unusual way. Yes, you heard that right. Place dry tea bags in your shoes to get rid of the bad odor, you can also use this trick when it comes to sweaty gym bags too.

5. Wire Problems

As much as wired bras make you feel like you have got everything under control, they can also be outrageously irksome. If, by any chance, there is a small bit of wire peeping out, it becomes a poky nightmare to you. It’s painful and might damage your skin too. And now, if the thought of “need to throw this bra” comes to your mind. Pause it right there!

The Trick?

Cover the peekaboo wire with a piece of moleskin- a heavy cotton fabric in the form of an adhesive pad. There, that solves your problem.

6. Heels? Which Color?

Not all of us have the right knowledge when it comes to fashion and its trends. If deciding your color of the outfit wasn’t enough, deciding the color of your heels is another task altogether. Only two things to remember here.

The Trick?

Go nude! Nude heels match everything and they also make your legs look longer. And if you’re too bored of the monotonous colored heels; layer some glue on the heels and add glitter to it. Dazzle the night away!

Everything’s under control, right? There are a zillion of fashion hack videos that you can get your hands on in the online world. These were some of our picks. We all could be our own rescuers when it comes to fashion mishaps. Have you got any trick that is a must-know? Leave them in the comments below.

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