Posture Procedures

A straightened back will help you avoid scoliosis, radiculitis and arthritis in the future, promote proper breathing and normal circulation (your lower back and neck pains are associated with blood stasis), reduce muscle cramps, and even help improve your mood.

At the beginning of the path to direct posture, take a massage course for the back, mud and therapeutic baths are well suited. Physiotherapists most often prescribe a Evminov board, electrophoresis, magneto-and laser therapy. All these methods are unusually effective, but, unfortunately, are not universal, you need to select them individually. In addition, the miraculous effect will quickly pass if you do not fix it with exercises.

Equal posture is not a whim or an attribute of a beautiful appearance. This is primarily your health. Evolution did not prepare us for a sedentary lifestyle, so our body is not enthusiastic about working at a computer.

For the posture to be correct when you are standing, the head should be above the shoulders, and the upper part of the shoulders should be above the hips. Remind yourself that your earlobes should be at the same level with your shoulders. While walking, bend your knees slightly, tighten your stomach so as not to bend your back and keep your feet shoulder width apart to distribute the weight evenly.

In a sitting position, it is also important to ensure that the back is straight. The shoulders should be pulled back and the tailbone should touch the back of your chair. Crossing your legs may seem as natural as blinking, but if you really want a beautiful posture, experts recommend keeping your feet flat on the floor, bending your knees at a right angle or even lifting them just above your hip (use a special stand).

Drive more

Doctors advise you to get up from the table for 10 minutes every hour and at least just walk around the room / office. Go to the kitchen for a glass of water or a chocolate bar across the road to the store, spend at least half of your lunch break taking a walk in the air if the weather is nice.

Train your muscles

There are many exercises for even posture that will help you keep your muscles toned during your work day. Remember that your posture is not only exercises for the back, but also for the abs, arms, legs, hips and neck. Learn the set of exercises that illustrate how to stretch without getting up. Come with a book on your head, do the exercise “bar”, squat along the wall, get up in the bridge.

Pick the right seat

Even in the most comfortable chair it is impossible to sit for hours in one position. If the shape of the chair or chair allows, then attach a special stand to the back. She will hold your lower back tight, not allowing her to bend. Do not push your legs under you and do not throw one on top of the other – this is how you can earn a curvature of the spine in two ways.

Go in for sports

The advice is banal, but effective. The main thing is to choose what to do. Best of all, calm types of fitness – yoga, Pilates and stretching – will help. All of them are aimed mainly at strengthening the muscles of the back. And after 2-3 classes you can easily keep your back straight, without even thinking about it.

Sleep also plays an important role.

At night, you can allow yourself to completely relax, but your body position during sleep also technically affects posture. If you sleep incorrectly, then you may experience pain and stiffness.

If you have lower back pain, start sleeping on your back. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, this pose really alleviates the symptom. It allows the mattress to support the body, while if you sleep on your stomach, your lower back will bend.

Even if pain is not a problem for you now, but you are interested in preventive measures, still try to sleep on your side or back. So you will avoid twisting the neck, and the hips will be at shoulder level.

But keep in mind that the correct posture during sleep will not be as effective if you have a poor mattress or pillow. Learn more about the possible harm from a too soft or too hard mattress and try to use a pillow of medium hardness that will not deform the neck and spine.

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