Why can’t we sleep, insomnia

Sleep is the key to the successful functioning of the body and psyche. How is it that the body acts as if against itself, becoming exhausted due to insomnia?

Sleep is the key to the successful functioning of the psyche. And how does it turn out that the body acts as if against itself. Insomnia exhausts and depletes the psyche and body. Why are we not sleeping?

We speak so often in this column about dreams and what these dreams reveal to us. Why not talk about lack of sleep? And what does insomnia show us?

This article will focus on the biological aspects of this problem.

Many thousands of years ago, our ancestors could fall asleep, making sure that sleep in this place would be safe. During sleep, no one will be attacked by enemies or predators.

In an evolutionary sense, not to sleep means to distrust the environment, to be stressed. Perhaps now this is not a saber-toothed tiger, but unstable earnings. But for our brain there is no difference in these threats, it continues to remain in combat mode, ready at any time to fight back or run. In this situation, not to sleep.

If you suffer from insomnia, consider whether you are adequately protected?

There is another aspect that is familiar, first of all, to women. Caring for young children is a special stage. From uneven sniffing of crumbs, a woman can easily wake up, but not hear at the same moment explosions of a salute outside the window or the car’s alarm. The woman’s brain is also in a kind of high alert mode to respond to any impulse of a small child. Such a dream is restored by itself, especially if a woman does not bother herself with thoughts that she is a bad mother and is guilty of everything, rests more and takes care of herself.

And now, perhaps, the most difficult aspect. Insomnia often does not happen on its own and out of the blue. Insomnia, and not only it, is a sign of depression expressed or still unarmed for its carrier. For example, a person decides that something significant in life goes wrong, and he is guilty of this, but cannot fix it. Then the ideal brain solution is to stay awake until it finds a good solution. But the fact is that depression is not a situational thing,

This reaction is not at all to a single project in which something is not right. This is a reaction to the loss of some very significant part of life. For example, this can happen with the death of a loved one, or with dismissal from work, or with a break in relations. So simple it can’t be “fixed.” But biologically, our brain again does not distinguish between complex and simple, finding the “right” solution – not to sleep until you change the situation for the better.

Sometimes a person does not connect the drama that has happened and his emotional state with insomnia developed later. Therefore, people try to deal with insomnia separately.

Sleepless, what option did you find in yourself?

In addition to jokes, the latter requires special attention and the help of specialists. Do not drag out, believing that “itself will pass.” And have a good sleep.

And send examples of your dreams to the mail: info@womanhit.ru. By the way, dreams are much easier to interpret if you write the previous life circumstances in a letter to the editor, but most importantly – feelings and thoughts at the time of awakening from this dream.

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