Anti-cellulite massage at home

It is worth noting that in order to get rid of cellulite, a whole range of measures is needed: proper nutrition, fitness, a positive attitude. However, anti-cellulite massage is one of the main components on the way to achieve smooth and toned skin.

Cellulitis (lipodystrophy) is an enlarged fat cell under the skin. This phenomenon makes the surface of the thighs and abdomen tuberous, loose, which does not look aesthetically pleasing and untidy.

Cellulite is dangerous for health: an enlarged subcutaneous layer prevents the penetration of nutrients and oxygen into the deeper layers of the dermis. Disturbed intercellular metabolism. Excess fluid is retained in the cells, which forms edema on the body. Due to impaired blood circulation, cells are deprived of proper nutrition and oxygen access.

Proper nutrition and fitness will not correct the situation completely. Only with the help of therapeutic – anti-cellulite massage can you return healthy and smooth skin.

Useful and healing effect

Anti-cellulite massage has the following effect:

  1. Stimulates blood circulation in problem areas.
  2. Improves metabolism in tissues. This is due to the fact that the blood intensively carries nutrients to the skin cells and in return gives off harmful toxins.
  3. Activates the movement of lymph. Thanks to this, the skin texture will straighten faster.
  4. Massage stimulates the removal of excess fluid from the body, which reduces the swelling that forms after losing weight.
  5. Anti-cellulite massage improves muscle tone, making the body smooth and toned.
  6. The work of the sebaceous and sweat glands is normalized. The pores open and the skin begins to breathe normally.
  7. The immunity and overall tone of the body will increase.

The main list of contraindications

Contraindications of anti-cellulite massage:

  • fever;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • viral, colds;
  • open wounds;
  • hematomas and bruises;
  • skin diseases;
  • the presence of tumors;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • heart diseases;
  • disturbed psyche;
  • allergy to massage creams.

Massage techniques and varieties

There are several massage techniques for getting rid of cellulite at home:

  • manual therapy (manual massage);
  • dry grinding;
  • Koch technique;
  • honey anti-cellulite massage;
  • anti-cellulite massage with banks.

Each type of therapy is prescribed individually.

Manual massage for cellulite

There are several methods of manual therapy:

  1. Stroking. Skin manipulations are done with fingertips with a slight effort. With this technique, as a rule, massage begins and ends. The first 3-5 minutes of such relaxing movements warms the skin and makes the tissues supple for subsequent movements.
  2. Trituration. This is a more effective method in which the fingers are pressed strongly in circular directions. Usually rubbed feet, legs, hips. Rubbing well “accelerates” the blood in problem areas, which contributes to the burning of fat.
  3. Pressure. This manipulation is deep and surface. In the latter case, the upper layers of the skin are gripped with fingers to stretch it. With the in-depth method, thick folds of adipose tissue are captured. Pressure helps break down the connection between fat cells.
  4. Claps. This is done by lightly patting the skin with the fists of a masseur. It looks like kneading dough.
  5. Pinching. Tweaks can be done at different rates and intensities. Nipples are one of the most effective methods of anti-cellulite therapy.

Anti-cellulite massage should be done 2-3 times a week. Otherwise, there will be no effect. But more often it is not necessary to do so as not to increase the load on the cardiovascular system.

After a two-week course, you should take a break for 10 days, and then repeat again. One massage course usually lasts from 40 minutes to one hour. It depends on the degree of lipodystrophy.

Most often, cellulite appears on the buttocks, hips and abdomen. Almost all of the listed methods of manual therapy are suitable for the buttocks and hips.

Anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen must be performed 1.5-2 hours after eating. Massage of this area should be performed with light movements clockwise, combining with small tweezers. Massage of the abdomen not only relieves the skin of cellulite, but also improves bowel function.

Massage Rules:

  1. Manipulation should begin with light pleasant movements – the skin should get used to.
  2. All movements should be carried out from the bottom up. For the best effect, you can use anti-cellulite creams and oils.
  3. Before the session, it is advisable to take a warm bath.
  4. You can not massage the inguinal region, the inner part of the thighs, as well as the popliteal cavity.
  5. The abdomen is one of the most delicate areas. This area should be trusted only by specialists or learn how to massage yourself.
  6. If the vessels are too close to the surface of the skin, then force movements should be avoided. And it is best to use the services of an experienced massage therapist.
  7. If the massage is performed by an experienced specialist, then he probably knows that only skin should be captured, not muscles. Otherwise, painful bruising and other side effects may occur on the body.

Manual therapy helps even in the last stage of cellulite!

Dry grinding with advanced degree

There is a kind of manual therapy – dry grinding. It can be done with a terry towel twisted into a tourniquet, a special mitten and a stiff brush made of natural pile.

Such a massage is prescribed to patients with an advanced degree of lipodystrophy. Dry grinding is an extremely effective method, but it should be used with extreme caution: it causes quite painful sensations.

Extremely popular massage with a brush with natural bristles. You need to start with a soft brush, and over time, purchase a brush with hard bristles to eliminate cellulite.

With a brush, you can treat almost all parts of the body, except for the axillary hollows and inguinal region. Anti-cellulite massage should begin with the heels and legs. This procedure not only eliminates cellulite, but also exfoliates dead skin cells of the dermis.

Next, you should move to the upper body. The movements should be circular and translational along the muscle fibers. The back and shoulders are massaged horizontally, moving down. The stomach should be massaged gently – without pressing the brush.

Each zone should be treated for 3-5 minutes. As soon as severe redness appeared and pain arose, manipulations should be stopped.

Rules for dry grinding:

  1. Conduct no more than 3 sessions per week for 5 minutes. As soon as a strong reddening of the skin appears – the manipulation should be stopped.
  2. Do not massage wet skin.
  3. Do not massage the skin on which there is inflammation, irritation, scratches and bruises.
  4. After the session, the problem areas should be treated with anti-cellulite cream.
  5. If the skin is sensitive with the presence of a capillary network, dry grinding is undesirable.

Any type of therapy should be started after consultation with a doctor.

Koch technique – effect on fat cells

This technique was invented by the German cosmetologist Koch. Its essence lies in the manipulation using an ordinary tablespoon. The doctor proved that with the help of this metal object, a point and deep effect on fat cells is created.

It is recommended to choose a spoon from cupronickel. This material has a beneficial effect on the skin. Massage is best done in the morning. The procedure takes no more than 30-40 minutes.

How to do anti-cellulite massage according to Koch’s technique:

  1. It is necessary to take a shower and after it apply moisturizing oil to the body.
  2. Take 2 tablespoons, cool them, and then grease with any moisturizer. You can use honey – the procedure will become more effective. Honey tones the skin and removes toxins from it.
  3. Place spoons on the buttocks and start circular motions, moving from the center to the sides. There is one feature here: clockwise movements should be done with pressure, and counterclockwise – slightly pressing.
  4. Hip massage is performed by translational movements along the muscle fibers. The inner side of the thighs is massaged from the bottom up, and the outside – vice versa.

The whole session should take 30-40 minutes. This anti-cellulite massage should be performed vigorously without stopping. This is the only way to achieve the desired result. People who have tested this technique on themselves claim that the skin after the massage becomes smooth and supple – like a baby’s.

Cellulite can massage at home

One of the most effective skin treatments is canned anti-cellulite massage. Its essence is simple: special cans of silicone are attached to the skin so that under them there is absolutely no air.

Therefore, this method is also called vacuum anti-cellulite massage. It is also successfully used to treat osteochondrosis, vegetovascular dystonia and muscle pain.

Cans move around the body in a circular motion, due to which there is an intense rush of blood to the surface of the skin and the breakdown of fats.

The whole principle of such anti-cellulite massage is to create a vacuum under the banks. Earlier in medicine, glass jars were used to treat various diseases (bronchitis, colds), under which air was burned using a makeshift torch of cotton wool, alcohol and a fork.

Nowadays, plastic cans are used that have a pear at the bottom that sucks air. In addition, this container does not break and is easy to use.

Moving these devices through the body, a pressure drop is created, due to which all skin functions are activated: blood circulation, lymph, metabolism and the breakdown of fat cells.

How to do anti-cellulite massage with banks:

  1. Preheat the problem area. This can be done using a manual (manual) massage or a warm bath. Usually banks are applied to the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. It should be noted that it is impossible to massage the inner part of the hips, groin, popliteal and axillary hollows. Massage of these zones may affect lymphatic drainage.
  2. Apply any moisturizer to the problem area: anti-cellulite cream, gel, olive oil.
  3. Training. Better to start with the hips. To do this, lie on your side, preparing clean, dry cans. Put the jar on the thigh and pump out the air with a pear.
  4. Massage. The hermetically attached jar should begin to be moved from bottom to top, and then clockwise. In this case, the skin should be absorbed inward by 1-2 cm. If the jar sucks in a large mass of skin, then a little air should be let in. This massage should cause redness and a pleasant tingling sensation, and not pain with tearing of capillaries.
  5. Repeat manipulations with the bank in other problem areas. Each zone should be massaged for 5-10 minutes.
  6. Moisturizing. After the massage, moisturize the skin with body milk.
  7. The whole session should last 20-30 minutes, after which you should lie still for half an hour calmly, hiding in a blanket.

A can massage from cellulite should be done every other day. The entire course consists of 10 procedures, after which you should take a break for 2 weeks.

Massage at first causes discomfort. After the first sessions, bruises can even appear, which dissolve very quickly.

Vacuum anti-cellulite massage is able to smooth the skin even in the last stages of cellulite disease.

However, despite its effectiveness, it is contraindicated in people with such diseases:

  • sores, scratches, insect bites on the skin;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • varicose veins;
  • heart diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of tumors;
  • blood diseases.

Before proceeding with the treatment of lipodystrophy with tanks, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Honey anti-cellulite massage

Honey has long been famous for its healing properties on the body and skin. Honey contains biologically active substances that accelerate metabolism, stimulate blood circulation, and also remove toxins from cells. This miraculous substance is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals necessary for the skin.

Cellulite honey massage is done with a course of 15 sessions every other day. Honey should be taken liquid – without crystals. For the preparation of the healing mass, only 2-3 teaspoons of honey will be required, into which 8-10 drops of essential oil should be added.

For a massage mixture, you can use oils of such plants and fruits:

  • oregano;
  • rosemary;
  • grapefruit;
  • eucalyptus;
  • tangerine;
  • an orange;
  • Lemon
  • lavender.

If you are allergic to essential oils, then they can be replaced with sea salt. It is necessary to prepare the mixture before the procedure itself.

Technique of honey anti-cellulite massage:

  1. Preheat the body as described in the previous paragraph.
  2. It is necessary to process each zone separately. To do this, apply honey mixture on the palm of your hand and begin to rub intensively into the skin. You can pat and pinch the body to increase blood flow.
  3. Rub honey until it is absorbed enough. Then followed by rhythmic pops, as a result of which the adherent skin will reach behind the palms.
  4. After 5 minutes of patting, you should do this: put your hands on the skin for 1-2 seconds, and then abruptly remove them. This is an unpleasant and rather painful procedure, however, it is very effective against cellulite.
  5. After 7-10 minutes of such a massage, a white mass begins to appear through the pores – toxins, from which the body began to get rid. After this, hands should be washed with soap and continue manipulation.
  6. The entire massage should last 20-30 minutes. Each zone should be treated for 7-10 minutes.
  7. Take a shower, thoroughly cleansing the body. After the massage, you do not need to use scrubs – the skin “worked” so well.
  8. Apply moisturizing body milk.

Honey massage can be combined with body wraps. So the procedure will become more effective.

A contraindication to honey massage is the presence of:

  • allergies to honey;
  • varicose veins;
  • capillary mesh;
  • tuberculosis, asthma;
  • kidney and liver disease;
  • hypertension;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • fever and acute respiratory infections.

To determine the presence of allergies, it is necessary to apply a few drops of honey on the wrist and after 15 minutes check the skin reaction. If redness and burning appear, then honey therapy is not for you.

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