When do age-related changes in women begin?

The threshold of 40 years is conditional. All women have their own peculiarities of the female body, for some, the first signs of pre-menopause may appear after 37 years, for others after 50. It takes about 4-5 years to rebuild. In Europe, the average age of menopause is 51 years.

It is proved that the severity of menopause depends on how the woman herself treats him. Aging faster occurs in those who do not want to put up with the natural course of life and take everything to heart.

It is important not only to organize a diet, play sports, but also to find an interesting business that will not allow you to focus on the negative aspects of adulthood. Be sure to find an active hobby. Maturity is therefore called that a woman begins to treat herself more wisely.

Theories of aging that exist today in academia are highly controversial. One thing is for sure – the number of damaged DNA molecules increases with age. If scientists learn to repair the genome, then humanity will be on the path of immortality. Now the number of women who have children after 42 years using reproductive technologies (IVF) has significantly increased. Modern medicine is the guardian of women’s health. Every year, new methods appear that help during menopause.

The more attention you pay to women’s health from youth, the more likely it is that with the onset of menopause you will not have any unpleasant changes in the body. Such lucky women do not experience rapid aging; they very slowly lose their attractiveness and remain active for a long time. Do not tune yourself to the fact that your health will certainly be bad.

What do women after 40-45 years pay attention to?

The level of estrogen in the blood decreases due to the fact that its ovaries produce less and less. This hormone is very important. Age-related changes are closely associated with a sharp change in its quantity.

How does menopause occur:

• In a woman’s premenopause, her periods become abundant or too meager. It is no longer possible to accurately predict when they will begin. Even an unplanned pregnancy is possible, so much attention should be paid to contraception. Fatigue, anxiety, drowsiness appear. Cells update slowly. The number of wrinkles increases, increased sweating, flushing appears. Another delicate problem is becoming typical – urinary incontinence. Especially if you are lifting weights.

• Menopause is the complete cessation of estrogen production and the final cessation of reproductive function. Bone strength is reduced. Metabolism slows down, libido decreases, discomfort during sex due to mucosal atrophy may appear. At this time, it is better to start using lubricants during intimacy. Confidential relations with husband and children are very important.

• Postmenopause occurs after the last menstruation. At this time, most of the unpleasant manifestations go away. But still the problem of increased fragility of bones remains. The risk of injury increases, especially if a woman has never played sports. Deteriorating condition of hair, nails and teeth. Visit your dentist for preventive examinations; calcium is washed out of the teeth very intensively in the early years of postmenopause.

Menopause Medicines

They are appointed by a gynecologist. The following groups of drugs are used:

• Preparations for hormone replacement therapy. They may contain both estrogen of natural origin and synthetic. But in some patients, despite the effectiveness of estrogen replacement therapy, there are some side effects, the most serious of which is thrombosis. There may be anorexia, migraine. Therefore, such drugs are rarely prescribed, for example, with early menopause (up to 45 years).

• Non-hormonal drugs are various calcium supplements. An overdose of calcium for the heart is very harmful, so you need to be careful with these drugs. Ask your doctor for advice, take a blood test to determine calcium before starting treatment.

• Phytopreparations of soy and licorice are distinguished by softer action. Self-medication is completely unacceptable. Since plant phytohormones have a more gentle effect, the effect is not observed immediately.

Non-drug therapy for menopause

An additional role is played by diet and physical education. It is better to start practicing from the age of 38 in order to feel the positive effects of physical activity :

  • Improving mood and speeding up metabolism.
  • Physical activity supports muscles and bones. Useful swimming and bike.

• It is better to saturate yourself with carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits, and not from sweet buns and muffins. Fats are best obtained from vegetable oil and nuts. Vegetables and berries in the diet reduce flushing.

What can you do to improve the quality of life with menopause?

Premenopause can not be considered the “beginning of the end” and fall into depression because of it. Famous actresses and TV hosts have long crossed the 40-year milestone, but still remain beautiful and charming. They live an active life, go in for sports, visit cosmetologists.

If you do not feel well psychologically, try meditation, yoga, hiking, consultations with a psychologist and a stylist. Premenopause should be treated as the beginning of a new phase of life, simply more calm and measured. It is advisable to eliminate stress as much as possible. Ask for help from children. Make contacts with friends. Do not let negative thoughts settle in your head.

To look younger, we recommend regularly making masks, using moisturizers. Useful massage and peeling – these procedures are aimed at improving blood flow to the skin of the face and body, to remove the superficial keratinous layer.

How to help bones and joints with menopause?

The flexibility of the body and the mobility of the joints are reduced, so you can not do without yoga or any other gymnastics. You can add jelly and bone broth to your diet. The pharmacy sells special dietary supplements with glucosamine and chondroitin for the prevention of arthrosis. Also try not to get injured. The problem of femoral neck fractures becomes relevant with age.

To reduce this risk, be sure to add eggs, salmon and herring to the diet. To keep your muscles strong, you should include more meat in your diet. Only meat has connective tissue proteins. You can also eat liver, brain, tongue, scar, and especially a liver rich in collagen. Without collagen, a person ages very quickly. The liver is a source of iron. Therefore, during the premenopausal period, when menstrual bleeding can be very intense, it is important to consume more of it. So your hemoglobin level in the blood will return to normal. We should not forget about such a delicious product as language – it is significantly superior in value to other offal.

As a result of the accumulation of “breakdowns” in the genes, a violation of cell division can be observed. It is worth mentioning the importance of visiting a gynecologist – at this age, the risk of developing cancer of the cervix, uterus, ovaries and breast is very high. A routine examination in the chair, mammography and special tests will show if everything is in order. The kidneys feel worse at this age. Follow their work, drink herbal teas, fruit drinks, eat watermelons and cucumbers.

To maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, buy fish oil. Be sure to add fish and seafood dishes to your menu. You may also notice that it has become more difficult to see objects in close proximity. To solve the problem with the eyes, eat blueberries and carrots, do not hesitate to contact an optometrist to prescribe glasses or lenses. It is very useful to do gymnastics for the eyes. If you are tormented by being overwhelmed, as if you had not slept all night, then the reason may be a lack of calcium. In addition to the drugs that the doctor prescribes, you must add kefir and cottage cheese to your menu.

Be careful about your weight. After 40 years, your metabolism slows down, so you need to eat much less than before. Eat fractionally, in small portions. This will also provide services to the stomach and intestines. We also recommend replacing regular bread with yeast-free bread.

Be sure to monitor your blood pressure. If necessary, adjust it with drugs. They are prescribed by a doctor for a long time. Blood sugar level is also subject to control. Diabetes affects people who are obese, have a hereditary predisposition, thyroid disease and adrenal cortex. Among women, the largest number of patients with diabetes is diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. If the changes in the tests are small, the doctor will simply pick you a diet. This will prevent the development of vascular complications and eye damage. Everyone at risk for diabetes should move a lot, do strength exercises.

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