Genetic mutations in humans

We are all mutants, since everything that makes us human has become the cause of mutations that have appeared in the process of evolution. But some changes in the body are so amazing and wonderful that you involuntarily pay close attention to them.

1. Eye albinism

2. Heterochromia

3. A red child who was born into an African family

4. Vaardenburg syndrome gives people huge and bright blue eyes

5. The amazing manifestation of aging

6. The girl was born with patterns on the skin

7. The first “black and white twins” born in Britain

8. Oddly attractive eyes

9. Since childhood, she lives with gray strands

10. Another African American with an unusual natural hair color

11. The most perfect flaws in the world

12. The Queen of Freckles

13. Her eyes look magical!

14. Charming Snow White

15. The tallest girl in the world – Elisani da Cruz Silva. Her height is 2 meters 6 centimeters

16. Girl with disproportionately long legs

17. African American Albino

18. A very striking example of heterochromia

19. Girl with beautiful eyes

20. One of the most famous models with vitiligo

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