How to get rid of overeating?

Compulsive overeating is a condition when a person does not use food to satisfy hunger, but to calm himself in stressful situations or to compensate for the lack of positive emotions. This disease – and this is precisely a disease – cannot be underestimated – according to statistics, they suffer much more often than any other eating disorder.

How to cope with pathological gluttony

What is compulsive overeating, how to diagnose and treat it – in the material here

Uncontrolled food intake leads to excess weight and stomach problems, and excess weight in the future leads to more serious ailments.

The reasons for overeating are different: the hypothalamus gives the wrong signals about hunger and satiety, depression, problems with self-control or in childhood you have been told that you need to eat through force. At the same time, people who have this disorder feel guilty for eating too much, so they often abuse food alone.

How to get rid of overeating?

1. Do not be silent

It is imperative that you consult with your healthcare provider; it will help you identify the causes of your overeating and find suitable treatment options.

2. Find something to your liking

Very often a person is simply because he is bored, this replaces the lack of vivid emotions in his life. But it can be easily fixed. Find something to your liking – what really interests you: dancing, drawing, sports – yes, anything. Carried away by a new occupation, you will forget about the endless consumption of food.

3. Focus on food

Disconnect not all external irritants: TV, phone, laptop. Concentrate entirely on food and how it feeds you. Eat slowly – it takes your body 20 minutes to feel full.

4. Diet

Avoid simple carbohydrates – sugar and bread products. Sugar provokes addiction, and a feeling of fullness is quickly replaced by wild hunger. To avoid these problems, eat a healthy diet. Try to eat fresh foods and avoid processed foods – they contain flavor enhancers that are addictive too.

5. Do not skip meals

It is necessary to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions, do not skip meals, this will help stop overeating. If you eat out, take care of snacks in advance, then you can avoid the temptations of fast food.

6. Vitamins

Consult your doctor about nutritional supplements. Often a lack of vitamins and minerals can be the cause of your unbearable hunger. For example, if you want a fat burger, then you do not have enough iron, and if you crave chocolate crazily, then you have a lack of magnesium in the body.

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