Fighting wrinkles, massage technique

Almost every woman strives to maintain a perfect face shape and good skin. But wrinkles cannot be avoided, so you need to be ready to fight, and the sooner you start looking for ways to combat the signs of aging, the easier it will be to deal with them.

We have selected for you some of the most effective methods to combat imperfections, namely several types of anti-aging massage.

Aging is chasing after each of us, so here I picked up the best methods to combat skin aging

Classic massage

The main idea is in soft strokes and rubbing movements, which must be carried out along the massage lines.

Strong pressure and excessive stretching of the skin, which can lead to sagging, are unacceptable, but we do not need this at all. The method is especially effective for the first symptoms of skin aging, as it accelerates blood in the upper layers of the skin and improves the nutrition of cells – they begin to divide, and the skin gradually exfoliates. As a result, wrinkles will not begin to bother you very soon.

However, if there are inflammations of various origins on the skin, massage is not recommended.

Plastic massage

This technique is more complicated and requires the hands of a professional. Such a massage is prescribed in the presence of deep wrinkles, severe flabbiness and a fuzzy outline. The main difference from classical massage is the use of vibrations, strong pressure and all kinds of locking movements. Admittedly, massage has a modeling and drainage effect, which becomes noticeable almost immediately. All facial muscles are carefully worked out, which leads them to tone and does not allow to relax subsequently.

At the end of the procedure, the specialist wipes the skin with lotion and, at the request of the client, uses a tightening mask. You will need only 10-15 sessions to put yourself in order, but you need to be responsible in choosing a specialist.

Japanese massage

The technique is associated with pain, so do not run away from the massage room in the first minutes. Japanese massage works through the deep layers of the epidermis and often involves the bones of the skull. Most often, this original type of massage is prescribed for puffiness and sagging skin.

By the way, instead of a massage table, a chair with a straight back is used, or the massage is carried out while standing. The massage therapist makes all movements in a certain direction, avoiding areas with lymph nodes.

Lymphatic drainage massage

With the help of lymph, toxins are removed from our body. Its stagnation leads to the accumulation of harmful substances in the body, which is why edema appears, the skin takes on an unhealthy appearance, and begins to sag under the pressure of body fat.

With gentle movements along the massage lines with the use of small striking, the specialist removes the liquid, activating its movement, while the vessels come in tone.

Metabolic processes in the deeper layers of the skin receive additional stimulation, water balance is restored. However, such a useful massage has a number of serious contraindications, including diseases of the heart, blood vessels and lymph nodes.

Jacquet Massage

It is aimed at normalizing metabolic processes and improving blood flow, due to which it has gained popularity among middle-aged women who have to deal with age-related manifestations quite seriously. This technique is aggressive because it is based on tweaks: a massage therapist grabs the skin in large volumes to stimulate the deeper layers of the epidermis.

There are many features that not all massage therapists are familiar with, so carefully choose a salon and specialist. In no case do not carry out the procedure yourself – you can cause irreparable harm to yourself. Again, there were some contraindications, such as dermatosis, rosacea, and inflammation of the facial nerve.

Whatever massage technique you choose, be sure to get pre-professional advice.

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