How to understand that a loved one is depressed

The sooner you can pay attention to a problem, the easier it will be to deal with it. We tell by what signs to determine depression.

The worst thing you can do with a person suffering from depression is to pretend that you don’t notice anything and hope that he can cope with the problem. Psychologists do not in vain pay attention to the fact that depression must be treated.

We detect a problem and help to cope with emotions.

What is depression?

Depression is a psychological illness that lasts indefinitely, which is accompanied by a lack of interest in life and emotional instability. Usually, it arises against the background of long experiences due to the loss of a loved one, failures in his personal life, a sudden change of residence or upset plans. First, a person from a cheerful and active turns into tired and irritable, then he becomes less emotional.

The last stage of depression is indifference to the environment and unwillingness to act. At this time, some people constantly reflect, repeatedly reproducing a painful memory in their memory, while others do not think about anything at all and spend hours in bed, not wanting to leave the apartment. Often people who are plunged into depression lose their appetite – they do not feel hunger, are saturated with small portions of food and are fed up with just a couple of spoons.

Strongly forbidden steps

In no case do not self-medicate – to prescribe potent drugs without a doctor’s prescription is dangerous to health. Only a psychotherapist can calculate the desired dose of antidepressant and the regimen for taking the medicine. Otherwise, for many years you can “get hooked” on stimulants, without which a person can not live. Also, you can’t take control of a person – give him time to survive the grief and agree to help.

No need to force him to leave his house, walk with friends and go to public places if he does not want to. Do not try to play down the emotions of your loved one, saying: “Don’t worry, you!” No need to compare situations and give examples of how you experienced this – there are no identical situations. A comparison will only aggravate his depressive mood, moving away from you and forcing yourself to shut down.

The best you can do

The most correct step is to show your care and affection. Surround the person with love and attention – hug him, watch his favorite films, please with small gifts and lovely notes. And spend as much time as possible at his house, because a house for a person with a damaged psyche is of particular value as the only place where he is comfortable and safe.

Believe me, a person immersed in depression feels the same emotions as others, only to a less intense degree. He blames himself and is worried that he brings suffering to his relatives with his mood, but simply can not do anything until time passes. Psychologists emphasize that the phrase “time heals” is not empty words, but truth. So give him time to recover.

As soon as you notice that your loved one’s interest in life returns, give him time to adapt and offer the help of a psychologist. With a high degree of probability, he will agree to it, since he understands that he needs to work out his problem with a competent person.

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