Products to strengthen blood vessels

The cardiovascular system requires us to constantly monitor our condition. It is impossible to keep the vessels strong if you abuse fatty foods, alcohol and other products that interfere with the normal functioning of this important system.

However, it is in our power to prolong the vascularity of the vessels and prevent their blockage, for this it is necessary to balance the diet and lead a fairly active lifestyle.

Today we decided to make a list of five main products that are designed to maintain the elasticity of our blood vessels.


A large amount of vitamin C, as well as all kinds of essential oils and antioxidants make lemon just an indispensable product in our diet. In addition to fresh consumption, cardiologists advise once a year to cleanse blood vessels with lemon-based preparations to lower cholesterol.

Among other things, lemon is capable of:

  • Flush toxins.
  • Increase the general tone of blood vessels.

However, with diseases of the digestive system, lemon should be used with caution.


Another “hypervitaminized” product that is used in a variety of areas, including to maintain vascular health. An important point: it is necessary to consume viburnum together with the seeds, since they contain the main enzymes.

Kalina helps:

  • Strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  • Reduce pressure.

Despite all the benefits, there is a risk of thrombosis, since the product increases blood coagulation.

Green tea

There are legends about the benefits of green tea. As soon as it is not used: for weight loss, and for cleansing the skin, and as part of skin tightening agents, however, it is best to drink tea for its intended purpose – this is how it works best.

The high caffeine content causes an ambiguous reaction among specialists, since tea is able to increase blood pressure, which does not affect heart function in the best way. Nevertheless, green tea perfectly cleans arteries, so drink safely, but do not drink more than two cups per day.

Dry red wine

We are talking about fine wines, not table drinks – this is an important point.

The use of dry wine in small quantities every couple of months helps:

  • Increase the concentration of nitrogen in the blood.
  • Reduce the amount of endothelin protein that causes atherosclerosis.
  • Maintain vascular elasticity.


Honey has long been used as a medicine, since the content of beneficial components is simply amazing.

If you replace sugar with honey, you will notice a big difference in the general state of health:

  • Honey supplies the heart with essential minerals.
  • Reduces blood density.

Keep in mind that when using honey, sweets must be excluded, otherwise there is a risk of rapid development of diabetes and other complications.

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