Why sex is good for pregnancy

If there are no restrictions, make love during pregnancy, otherwise both spouses will begin to accumulate negative emotions in their souls and this may be the cause of disagreements in the family and even quarrels.

And a pregnant woman should not be nervous in any case. And you do not want your husband to go on a walk? Therefore, the question of whether it is possible for pregnant women to have sex has a positive answer.

If the pregnancy proceeds without any complications and the well-being of the expectant mother is excellent – have sex literally until the time of birth. A normal sex life is a guarantee of both male and female health and do not forget about it.

During orgasm, hormones are released that positively affect the woman’s endocrine and nervous system. Together with the bloodstream, endorphins penetrate the fetus, and this also brings a positive effect. Therefore, you can have sex during pregnancy and even need to.

Sex is even beneficial for the following reasons:

  • in the semen of a man are hormones called prostaglandins. They soften the cervix, and it becomes elastic, which will reduce the risk of ruptures during childbirth;
  • during lovemaking, the active formation of hormones of happiness and pleasure occurs. These hormones are called endorphins and they have a direct analgesic effect;
  • orgasm is able to tone the uterus. In this way, he prepares her for future birth.
When sex is prohibited for pregnant women

Sexual relations can bring danger to the unborn baby in the following cases:

  1. if there are prerequisites for abnormal development of the fetus ;
  2. if there is a risk of premature birth. This happens in pregnant women with a strong and prolonged uterine tone and in women who have previously experienced preterm birth;
  3. bleeding. The reason for this is the threat of miscarriage and it is clear to everyone that in this case sex during pregnancy is prohibited if a woman takes care of her health and the health of the unborn baby. But sometimes a daub can be a contact discharge from an eroded cervix and therefore a gynecologist’s consultation is needed;
  4. isthmic-cervical insufficiency. In this case, the cervix begins to prepare for childbirth before the set time, matures early and opens slightly. Therefore, here sexual relations are under the strictest ban. During sex, the cervix has a specific physical effect, and it can open up, which will lead to premature birth. The prostaglandins contained in male sperm also contribute to this, because they enter the uterus. Such a pathology can be in the middle of pregnancy, in some cases, a pregnant woman is offered to suture the cervix or put a special ring on it to prevent opening and prevent miscarriage.
  5. multiple pregnancy and low placenta attachment ;
  6. if one of the partners has genital tract infections. It is worth recalling that when planning a pregnancy, both the husband and wife must undergo all examinations to exclude infectious diseases;
  7. with leakage of amniotic fluid. In this case, there is a high risk of infection.
When to be careful during sex

As you can see, you can have sex during pregnancy, except for the above cases.

But you still need to be careful in the following situations:

  • a woman recently found out that she is pregnant. Sex in early pregnancy should be very neat and not very active. The thing is that very often a woman’s body considers a fetal egg as a foreign body and therefore the uterus enters tone. This condition is physiological and treatment is not required, however, in the first month and a half after the conception of the child, you need to treat yourself very carefully and exclude too violent sex life. Also, baths with saunas, heavy physical exertion and various sudden movements are contraindicated. At about 12 weeks, you can already do an ultrasound and find out how the pregnancy is proceeding and if the uterus has not come in tone and the expectant mother has no complaints, then during pregnancy sex is allowed. If there are pains in the lower abdomen,
  • four to six weeks remain before childbirth. A month before the baby’s birth, the cervical canal opens slightly, it softens, and sexual intercourse can serve as a premature exit of amniotic fluid or bacteria from the vagina can penetrate up to the fetus. In addition, too violent sex at this time can cause premature birth, as it provokes a tone of the uterus.

It is worth noting that many doctors even advise having sex to stimulate childbirth. This is especially true when the baby does not want to leave the mother’s womb and the term of childbirth passes. But still you need to be careful and consult with a gynecologist about this.

So you already learned whether it is possible to have sex during pregnancy.

Topical issues for couples

You already know that making love in the absence of contraindications is not prohibited and they are even needed, especially for young couples. But many couples are interested in other relevant issues related to sexual relations during pregnancy, which we will try to answer.

Is sex dangerous for the unborn baby?

Some future parents are afraid that the child will feel like they are having sexual intercourse and this will harm him. But this is a simple misconception. The thing is that the baby is protected by a rather thick muscular uterine wall, amniotic bladder, as well as a mucus plug. During sex, amniotic fluid removes all vibrations, and the baby does not feel anything.

Sometimes after an orgasm, the pregnant woman feels the baby’s movements, but this does not indicate that he is ill. Mom’s excitement is even beneficial for the baby – at this time, blood circulation in the small pelvis becomes stronger, and the fetus receives through the placenta much more nutrients with oxygen. Therefore, do not worry much about whether it is possible to have sex during pregnancy and whether the baby will be worse from this.

Why in the early months of pregnancy, a woman sometimes does not want to make love

At the very beginning of pregnancy, the fetus is assimilated and finally fixed in the uterus. But it was at this time that most pregnant women observed toxicosis, drowsiness, irritability, fatigue and chest pain. Therefore, in the early stages of pregnancy, a woman does not want to have sex, she simply does not care. A man should be especially attentive to his beloved and understand all her feelings.

But a woman should not be separated from her husband and in order to maintain sex during this difficult period of time, follow these simple rules:

  • more often explain to your partner what is happening to you. After all, his sexual desire remained the same. After all, a woman does not refuse him, she just has a very difficult period of time now and a man should treat this with understanding;
  • tell your husband which touches you like and which annoy you;
  • Try to choose an acceptable time for making love. For example, if in the evening a woman is very tired, then you can have sex in the morning;
  • a man must understand that a pregnant wife needs foreplay. They should be gentle and last as long as a woman needs.
Does sexual desire change in both partners

Some pregnant women note that their libido is especially high in the third trimester, but here everything is individual. Before the very birth, the desire of almost all women is reduced, because they are busy with thoughts about the unborn child. Also, a pregnant woman may worry that she has lost attractiveness to her husband because of her blurry figure. But such fears are unfounded, your husband will always love you.

If we talk about men, then in the first two trimesters of pregnancy, their wives have the same sex drive as before pregnancy. But in the third trimester, their desire is weakened and one of the reasons is the question: is it possible to have sex with pregnant women before the birth? This does not mean that your spouse has ceased to consider you attractive, he is just afraid of harming the future baby and the health of the pregnant wife. He may also worry about the future of his fatherhood and fear that he will not be able to cope with this.

How to have sex after having a baby

The female body ripens completely after pregnancy and childbirth, because motherhood brings its lovely positive notes. In an intimate female life, changes can also occur.

For a certain period of time, sex after pregnancy is prohibited, since the female body must recover after suffering from birth stress. It will take from six to eight weeks.

Sexual contacts should be renewed in stages, because many women experience moral and physical discomfort. Therefore, after pregnancy, sex should not immediately be active and violent. In the future, everything is restored and the easier the woman suffered a birth, the faster adaptation takes place.

But there may be new difficulties – mom’s constant fatigue. Feeding, washing, and many other new women’s responsibilities lead to the fact that a woman does not want sexual relations due to fatigue. The husband should treat this with understanding and help his soulmate, because disagreements in the domestic plan can even lead to a divorce.

Sex Poses During Pregnancy

Many couples are wondering what postures should be for sex during pregnancy? If a woman feels well and the pregnancy is going well, then there are practically no dangerous poses, the most important thing is that the expectant mother is comfortable.

But there are some recommendations of specialists in this regard, namely:

  1. Do not try to run sexy marathons in duration. Sexual intercourse should last from three to ten minutes, and ten minutes is the maximum;
  2. if you practice sex during pregnancy, postures should not cause discomfort to your partner. The best pose is when the partner is behind, and the woman is lying sideways;
  3. forget about the pose of the Amazon. This is when a partner sits on top of a man. In this position, the penis goes too deep into the vagina, and this is undesirable;
  4. when the mom’s tummy is too big, such a pose is suitable: the woman should lie on the edge of the bed on her back, and her partner should stand on the floor in front of her, on her knees;
  5. if the vagina is too dry – use grease, it will not hurt the baby;
  6. a classic pose for sex during pregnancy (when a man lays down on his partner) is better not to get carried away. This situation can have a strong effect on the pregnant woman’s tummy and uterus. But if you practice it, then your spouse should assume the largest part of the load;
  7. It is not recommended to enter the penis very deep into the vagina. If the sex position during pregnancy has already been selected and this does not cause the pregnant woman any discomfort, then anyway the woman herself must determine the pressure and depth of penetration of the penis, holding it with her hands. You can restrain the movement of the partner with his knees. It is recommended to use restrictive special rings, they can be bought at a sex shop.

Poses for sex can be different, the main thing is convenience and comfort

Is oral sex allowed

Why not? For him there is only one danger – herpes and if the spouse has a sore on his lip, then it is better to postpone this matter until it disappears. Doctors have long confirmed that herpes on the lip easily turns into genital, and this can harm women’s health and the health of crumbs.

Is anal sex allowed

This topic is quite delicate even without pregnancy. But this is a completely healthy type of sexual relationship that can deliver satisfaction to both partners. Anal sex during pregnancy has long been the subject of controversy between doctors. Some do not find anything wrong with this, while others are categorically against it.

Before practicing this type of sexual relationship, it is advisable to consult with your gynecologist, but most doctors are against anal sex during pregnancy and for these reasons:

  • these sexual relations increase the risk of miscarriage many times over, since the uterus is more exposed than during normal sex;
  • anal sex can be associated with pain, especially at the initial stage of penetration of the penis;
  • anal sex during pregnancy can be a predisposing reason for the development of hemorrhoids and varicose veins, especially if a woman has a predisposition to these ailments. In pregnant women, the blood vessels are constantly enlarged and therefore the risk of bleeding increases significantly and this is too dangerous;
  • Do not forget about the hygiene moment. The rectum is not particularly sterile, and during the anal act, the partner can accidentally touch the penis to the vagina after it was previously inserted into the anus. Therefore, the risk of infection introduced into the vagina is very high.

But many women who at least once had anal sex during pregnancy, said that the pleasant sensations during this period of their life become stronger many times and they get such a strong and vivid orgasm, which they did not know before.

Sexologists note that the rectum is a very active erogenous zone, and in pregnant women the sensitivity of nerve endings increases several times, and the tissues become much more elastic, which minimizes all pain.

But each couple must decide for themselves whether to engage in such sexual relations or better to abstain. But in any case, you need to be very careful, especially the man and observe the rules of personal hygiene.

So you found out whether you can have sex during pregnancy. Regular sexual relations are very necessary, because they not only strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region, but also bring positive emotions to the expectant mother, and even the baby. Therefore, if there are no contraindications, enjoy sex and get hormones of pleasure and happiness!

This material is for informational purposes only, before using the information provided it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

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