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Diapers are convenient for the baby and can significantly save the time of parents. The question of how to wean from diapers is a very complex and delicate topic for discussion.

All children go through this process. Each of them is an individual, so some babies can switch from diapers to using a pot easily, but for some it causes enormous difficulties.

It should be understood that a high-speed method in this matter does not exist. Good results appear only with gradual and patient accustoming to the pot.

How to determine what time it is?

Parents want to wean their baby to use diapers as soon as possible. Life without diapers will become easier, because you do not have to spend a lot of money on their purchase.

But not everyone knows that it’s impossible to accustom to the pot too early. Scientists believe that early rejection of diapers can lead to:

  • enuresis;
  • chronic stool retention;
  • development of anxiety.

You can’t put pressure on a child either. You need to monitor the pace of its development and accustom it when it is ready. Teaching a child who is already ready for the pot will be easier and faster.

There are quite a lot of articles on how to wean a child from diapers and when to do it better. Psychologists have determined the optimal age for a child’s readiness to give up diapers – 18 months. During this period, the baby already has the ability to control his sphincters.

Early potty training will be ineffective. A child can manage his affairs in a pot, but he does not realize what he is doing and why. Processes occur reflexively and have no relation to a conscious understanding of what is happening. If you see that the child is not ready yet, then accustoming will not lead to anything good.

The transition from diapers to the pot can occur in 22-30 months. This does not mean that you need to wait until the child independently decides to relieve the need for a pot. Active but unobtrusive participation should be taken in this process.

The child himself will make it clear when he is ready. The following signs will testify to this:

  1. The child realizes what it means to go to the toilet “in a big way” and “in a little way”.
  2. Says or shows parents what he wants to use the toilet.
  3. The kid knows how to dress and undress independently. It shows negative emotions in the process of changing diapers.
  4. He shows interest in the pot. Be sure to praise for such a manifested desire. Otherwise, the baby has the impression that it is better not to approach the pot.
What does the constant use of diapers lead to?

Pampers were created to help parents. The topics of their usefulness, functionality are constantly being touched, but the harm of diapers is not covered much. It can be different for boys and girls. But it is important to distinguish common myths from the truth.

The most famous myth about the dangers of diapers for boys says that their constant use can lead to infertility, impotence. The truth is that the scrotal fever can cause harm. Scientists conducted studies on adult men, which showed that with a strong increase in the temperature of the scrotum, sperm activity begins to decrease.

But the experimental results cannot be applied in this situation, since the temperature during the experiments was significantly higher than that which is actually present when wearing diapers. In addition, the seed canals open in boys after 7 years. Up to this age, Leydig cells are in a waiting period and do not fulfill the main male task.

The use of studies with adult men in this context is not informative. Therefore, the harm of diapers for boys has not yet been proven.

Girls are easier. After the process of coping with the needs “for the most part” it is not always possible to replace the diaper on time. In this case, microbes from the intestine can penetrate the vagina. You can avoid this situation with the timely change of diaper.

The myth for both boys and girls is that the diaper can lead to curvature in the legs. Crooked legs – this is one of the main signs of rickets. The use of a disposable diaper for such a disease can help the child to take the most comfortable position for him. Diapers do not affect the active development of the curvature of the legs.

They also talk about the dangers of the greenhouse effect that is created under the diaper. This is false information. The diaper, on the contrary, helps to combat excessive moisture and protects against leakage.

Many parents believe that the use of diapers entails difficulties in accustoming the child to the potty. But a similar problem is inherent in all children, even if diapers were used instead of diapers. The solution will be the application of various techniques.

Effective Tips and Techniques

Psychologists and pediatricians constantly talk about how to wean diapers from night and day. They are developing new methods that can become ideal assistants in this matter:

  1. The method of a joint trip to the toilet. Children tend to repeat after adults. Take your child with you to the restroom where the pot is standing. Talk about its functions, benefits.
  2. The positive example method. The methodology of a positive example works well when a child goes to kindergarten or has an older brother, sister. You can use your favorite toys for this purpose. Place the animals or dolls near the pot, tell them that they too will learn to relieve the need for the pot.
  3. Use the method of 10 tights. It is to exclude the use of a diaper. Before going to bed, you need to prepare 10 pairs of clean tights. Ask the baby to talk about the desire to go to the toilet. It will not work out the first time, but the child will remember the task. Take off immediately wet tights is not worth it. The kid will feel how unpleasant it is to be in wet clothes. The technique is useful if the child is already on a dry day, but you still don’t know how to wean the diaper off at night.
  4. Wait until the child fulfills the need for panties. Then invite him to shift the contents to the toilet. Let the baby press the drain button on the tank. Children love to try something new, unusual. Participation in the process can captivate the baby. You may not even notice how he himself starts asking for a toilet.

The main training tips include the following:

  1. Give your child the right to make a mistake.  You can not scold the baby if he is doing something wrong. This can develop a fear of the pot.
  2. Be patient.  A child can categorically refuse a pot. Therefore, it would be wise to take a break for a month and try again.
  3. Create the most pleasant conditions.  The nervous state of the parents can lead to the fact that the question of how to wean from diapers can be forgotten for a long time.
  4. Study the question carefully.  Read the recommendations of psychologists, educators, pediatricians. Using the advice of familiar mothers is not recommended. If you have any difficulties, the best option would be a professional consultation of a specialist.
  5. Get creative with the process.  The child must understand that the pot is not an enemy. Carrying out the process of weaning in a playful way will be much more effective.
  6. Shop together.  Go with the baby to the nearest store, purchase new underwear and agree that the baby will try not to stain a new, beautiful thing. Have your child touch the material. It should be pleasant to the touch, not cause discomfort.

About how to wean a child from diapers, much has been said. But do not forget that each baby is individual. He should not be accustomed to the pot and wean from diapers in the same way as the children of your friends or neighbors.

From a careful parental approach depends on how quickly the child will understand what you want from him. It is in your power to help the child make the weaning from diapers as comfortable, enjoyable and timely as possible.

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