How to use the enneagram, take a look at yourself

Psychologists urgently enroll in trainings on the enneagram – the trend of psychoanalysis in 2019. A wave of love for the personality typing system was launched by Belarusian blogger Anna Protasova, whose Instagram page already has 2.6 million subscribers.

“The blog gave subscribers, but not self-confidence, love and not recognition. I was afraid to reveal my expertise – and advanced through hype. I was afraid of my true self (in every sense). ”

The girl admits that the enneagram has changed her life by 180 degrees. Do you want the same? here I’m ready to tell you the basics of typing in this material.

Why you should know your type

If you feel that you are going to extremes – often wear masks because of self-doubt or, on the contrary, go ahead and do not look around – all this speaks of internal problems that psychoanalysis will solve. The enneagram will help determine what true goals you pursue in life, and realize your fears, which can be deeply hidden in your subconscious. You will learn to identify the same needs by the appearance of people – their gestures, facial expressions and typical phrases. Is it really exciting?

How to identify yourself

There are 9 types in the enneagram – you can determine yours by the extended test on the Internet or look at our summary table:

Units are absolute idealists who seek to improve the world in any way possible. Responsible, decent and serious – they are often annoyed by the optionalness of people and the lack of desire to do the job 100%. You can recognize them by slow speech – they literally think over and weigh each word, do not argue with your words, but inside they almost never agree with someone else’s point of view.

Deuces – in the enneagram system they are called “helpers”, because deuces tend to put the desires and needs of other people ahead of their own. It is important for them to see their indispensability – the need of others for their help and care, receiving the same in return. They have a good memory – they remember any trifle about you, they try to create conditions that are comfortable for you. It is cozy and sincere with them until you show your need for them.

Threes are real workaholics. They often work to exhaustion, do not know the measures and are not satisfied with the result already existing. They have presentation skills – put on different masks, depending on the environment. It is important for them to see that people admire them and set an example – for triples this feeling is equal to love. They are able to motivate people to take action, while they themselves and without motivation carry out even the most complex projects.

Fours – do not want to be like everyone else, try to stand out from the crowd and become special in the eyes of others. They constantly compare themselves with others, often envy them and tend to dramatize even the smallest problems. Extremely emotional and in need of deep feelings is the reason for their dramatization.

Recognized yourself? If you want us to talk about 5 more types – write in the comments.

How to use the enneagram

Knowing the types of people and their needs, you can find an approach to literally any person. This skill is important in conducting work negotiations, communicating with the opposite sex, and raising children. Having determined the type, you will not incline eights to pranks or ask triples to give up everything and rest – you will understand the basic needs of a person and achieve complete understanding.

Raising a child, you can become his best friend and not break his personality at a tender age under his own pressure. You will no longer be offended by the actions of people other than your thinking and mode of action, but you will understand their motivation. All this will make you an even wiser and more harmonious person.

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