Disease season, get rid of a runny nose and cough

Everyone can catch a cold in winter, folk wisdom helps

Method number 1

Yes, yes, this is a “grandmother” way to breathe over boiled potatoes. Only, given the microbes that you exhale into it, there is then no need for it. For warming, you can cook the whole potato with the peel.

Then knead it before use. But just do not burn yourself, the steam should not be too hot. Cover your head with a blanket for better exposure. Two or three treatments, and you can forget about coughing.

Method number 2

Brew eucalyptus leaves, or, since this is a fairly rare product, drip into hot water or an eucalyptus oil inhaler. Infuse the broth for 20 minutes, inhale – the same amount. By the way, eucalyptus seeds can be purchased at a flower shop and planted at home – the forest will not grow, but enough for treatment.

Method number 3

The Zvezdochka balm known to all from Soviet times consists of natural components of plant origin. This is a completely natural ointment. It should be applied to the toe pads and feet with the letter “T”, put on cotton socks and go to bed. In the morning you will forget about a runny nose.

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