What to do with bad tattooing?

Because laser tattoo correction, which is carried out by a neodymium YAG laser, can always come to your aid. In addition to laser correction of tattooing, you can resort to the action of a remover, and in especially difficult cases – to surgical excision of tissues.

Not always the results of permanent makeup can please. Unfortunately, no one is safe from collisions with undesirable consequences. One of the most common complications is a change in color after a long period of time: for example, once pitch-black eyebrows can turn blue or green. And if you got an appointment with a grief specialist, then there can be much more problems: from the initially incorrectly chosen shape to fuzzy and curved lines. But do not despair even in this case.

Pros and Cons of Laser Tattoo Removal

Valeria Barchenko, head of the medical center, fashion and aesthetics legislator Permanent Make-up of Russia and Europe, talks about how to correct an unsuccessful permanent makeup

The removal procedure does not require any special preparation from the patient, except for one – you need to choose a really good specialist who has been doing permanent makeup for several years and has the right, supported by various certificates and documents, to work with laser devices.

Cons of laser removal:

The process of removing permanent makeup is quite lengthy. It can drag on from six months to two years. It all depends on the depth, color of the pigment, on the patient’s skin and on how many times permanent makeup has been done and / or its correction has been carried out. These factors have a direct impact on the duration of the tattoo removal procedure.

On how well and quickly the tattoo will be removed, first of all, the pigment that was used by the master, or rather, its composition , affects. If, for example, tattoo paint was added to it, which also happens, then tattoo removal will be definitely bad, especially if it contains red and green shades. Only black pigment is removed well and relatively quickly.

After the action of a neodymium laser, edema is inevitable. You need to understand that the darker the eyebrows, the more often you resorted to the makeup procedure or its correction, the more unpleasant the procedure is waiting for you.

If you decide to remove the tattoo of the eyelids, get ready for the fact that it will be painful and edematous. The skin of the eyelids is quite thin and sensitive – such consequences of the correction procedure are quite natural.

Keep in mind that green, red, raspberry red and yellow shades are removed very poorly.

If iron oxide was present in the pigment that was used for permanent lip make-up , then after laser correction the lips turn black. Tolerate the gray outline around the mouth will take a long time.

Iron dioxide in the pigment for the eyebrows can lead to the fact that after laser correction of the tattoo, your eyebrows will acquire a grayish-brown tint.

Pros of laser removal:

The most undeniable advantage of this technique is that it exists. Previously, the experts did not have such an opportunity : the masters blocked the colors, sometimes this was done incorrectly, and as a result the client received three tails of the eyebrows, one above the other. Wrong eyebrows painted over with camouflage shades.

The correction procedure with a neodymium YAG laser is minimally invasive, non-traumatic and does not require a recovery period. It is enough to follow the recommendations of a specialist, apply antiseptics in the first days and ointments to accelerate skin regeneration, do not sunbathe, do not visit a solarium, pool and sauna.

This method is considered one of the best in permanent makeup correction technique. If the master is faced with the task of completely removing the tattoo to “clean” skin, then using a neodymium laser this can be done.

Laser correction has a short list of contraindications, which are general surgical. Laser tattoo removal is shown only six months after plastic surgery on the face.

The procedure for removing permanent makeup is painless, leaves no scars and does not affect the hair follicles, so it can be used without any fear in order to get rid of the eyebrow that is bored or lost its original appearance.

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