Is it bad to pick your nose?

The dangers do not end there. The medical journalist Daria Sargsyan in her book “ Killer Wallpaper, Poisonous Water and Seductive Chair ” quotes otorhinolaryngologist Ksenia Klimenko – the doctor says that in many patients the habit of sticking fingers in the nose led to the formation of persistent perforation of the nasal septum and bleeding.

One of the most important ways to prevent acute respiratory viral infections and influenza is to observe personal hygiene rules, namely, thorough hand washing (no one canceled the contact mechanism for transmitting respiratory viruses). In the case of picking in the nose, the same principle applies. After a day spent in public places and public transport, getting dirty hands in your nose and touching your face is a very bad idea.

Apparently, the habit is really bad. Microorganisms that live on the fingers and under the nails can be the culprits of various health problems. As an option, colonization of the nasal mucosa by pathogenic bacteria. No kidding, but in this way you can catch sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses, a rare complication of which is meningitis). Yes, the likelihood of such a development is extremely small, but there are other infections.

In addition, the nasal mucosa is very tender – it is easy to damage. Active picking can cause small wounds and scratches that heal for a long time. At the same time, during the recovery process, the skin is very itchy (you need to show willpower and not scratch, otherwise there is a great risk of falling into a real vicious circle).

In the event that unpleasant crusts form in the nose (which you need to urgently dig out), saline solution will help. Plus, don’t forget to bark. At home and at work, turn on the humidifier, it will relieve the unpleasant sensation of dryness in the nose.

If you have already landed in the vicious circle that we are writing about above, try applying Vaseline to the damaged area . It will help to avoid overdrying and allow wounds to heal as soon as possible. And so as not to irritate the skin once again, you can, for example, shorten the hair in the nose a little.

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