How to remove muscle pain after training

Do not rush to return money for a subscription and bury yourself under a blanket with a package of chips, better remember our tips – the pain will go much faster.

If you work out in the gym or in group programs, then you probably know the unpleasant feeling after an exhausting workout – in the morning the muscles hurt, it is difficult to move quickly and the desire to exercise is completely repulsed.

Effective tips to help speed up lactic acid metabolism and relieve muscle spasm


For an unknown reason, people are afraid to take pain medication inside or apply to the skin. Yes, these are potent medicines, but it is better to eat a pill once than to suffer from pain. We advise you to choose an ointment – it acts locally, so the negative effect will be minimal. In the pharmacy there are a lot of such funds – both ointments for back pain and special ones for muscles are suitable.

Thermal effect

Finnish sauna, hammam or warm bath – any of the list will help to relax muscles. Under the influence of an elevated temperature, muscle fibers are filled with blood – metabolic processes become more frequent, so lactic acid is more quickly eliminated from the muscles, and pain is relieved.

You can add 10-15 drops of citrus essential oil (lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, orange) or coniferous (fir, cedar, pine) to the bathroom. In addition, we recommend that you massage your skin with a dry brush before the bath, and then apply a moisturizer. If the pain is especially severe, then take a warm shower for several days.

Ice effect

For some people, the exception is ice water. In order not to get too cold, take a contrast shower – alternate streams of warm and cool water. You can apply ice packs to aching muscles – wrap the ice in a thick towel or fold it in a heating pad. Remember that something cold is usually applied to the bruise – ice really helps with pain, limiting the flow of blood to the muscles. Spasm due to lack of blood is much faster.


Regular stretching after training and joint gymnastics in front of her are good habits that will help to forget about muscle pain forever. Pay attention not only to the trained muscles, but to the whole body – stretch your legs, arms, back, make sideways tilts. It is better to additionally stretch between sets: do pull-ups – raise your hands up and stretch, squat – lean forward, reaching with your hands to the floor.

Stretching should take at least 30 minutes after training. Go to group stretching exercises or take a gymnastic mat, a foam roller for the back and yoga cubes – they will come in handy to better engage the muscles.

Food & Beverage

Sour foods and drinks are not only a source of vitamin C, but also an effective measure to combat muscle pain. Eat cranberries, currants, blackberries and raspberries fresh or as part of fruit drinks and juices, add lemon to drinking water. Greens, green and yellow vegetables are rich in fiber – it accelerates the metabolic processes in the body, respectively, lactic acid is excreted faster.

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