Lose weight or improve your health will help massage from the beauty salon “5 elements”

The next question is: where? Where to find that magical wizard with golden hands, who will understand everything, feel and create a miracle. Time polyclinics somehow imperceptibly vanished into oblivion, there are still masters taking at home, whose phone is transferred as a family heirloom from hand to hand. 

But not always it is so easy to find, and the methods of the house not everyone will arrange.

It is believed that cosmetic and aesthetic massages are designed exclusively for “beauty.” But very often the “beautiful” effect is achieved just by improving health, which is so naturally desirable for any sane person. About the massage, we recall, as a rule, in two cases: when something is ache a bit, somewhere it “jams” or began to disturb the results of the figure seen in the mirror.

The road in the search for a good masseur often leads to beauty salons, who very confidently and professionally occupy this very important niche of protecting and maintaining health. This is where the most interesting thing happens. Indeed, when a woman or a man comes to the beauty salon for a massage, their goal is to become more attractive, younger. But how is this achieved?

Thanks to massage, the metabolism improves, the skin tightens up, “gets younger”. If you apply the necessary scrub during the massage, you can clean the skin, which will give it the opportunity to start breathing with renewed vigor. That is, the effect of lifting, rejuvenation is due to skin healing, stimulation of the muscles not only of the face, but of the whole body, if it is a massage of the body.

Probably, it was more correct to start a program on rejuvenation, health improvement with a general massage of the body, for the skin of the face is an integral part of the skin of the whole body. Very often it is cosmetic classic – massage of the face, neck, décolleté – is not suitable for everyone. It is rather designed for women of more mature age. And in general, the masseurs believe, if you do cosmetic massage, you need to take care of the whole body – it is worth it.

Cosmetic massage for the whole body (general massage) is often called an aesthetic massage. But the essence of it is the same as that of a classic cosmetic massage: you need to warm up, develop muscles, stimulate metabolism, “drive out” the slag, salt and other “surpluses”, tighten the skin all over the body (including tighten the skin of the face).

The greatest demand for women is using anti-cellulite massage . But if only recently he was only doing “short-range”, now they are abandoning this practice. Indeed, than the arms or back is worse than the legs? Why should they be deprived of care and health?

Traditional means in the fight against cellulite is the Hawaiian massage, because it is designed for tightening all over the body. During the massage, all muscles are squeezed, they start to work, the excess liquid, light fat is “expelled”. After the first session, the clients leave like after a workout in the gym, but the effect is obvious. More precisely, “on the body”: for 20 sessions of such massage women are dumped for 10-12 kilograms.

Very well lose weight and tightens the skin from the French anti-cellulite . But if, as the experienced masseurs believe, start the course with the Hawaiian, and then connect the French and use more than one technique, but a few, the result will be more effective.

Brazilian anti-cellulitemassage is based on percussion technique – it uses more than 50 techniques of strokes. But it is also not recommended to use it at the very beginning, but it is better to connect it at the next stage.

Indian massage “light legs” only at first glance is designed exclusively for the feet (although it justifies its name completely). On the feet is a mass of points, working out which we influence the work of these or other internal organs.

Australian massage – a wonderful thing, but too specialized: it is designed to quickly and effectively remove the headache. It helps with migraines, insomnia.

With problem joints, a manual Korean massage is very suitable . Within an hour a very dynamic, but soft study of the joints of the back, neck, arms, legs is carried out.

Another popular joint massage is Thai. Thai massages are used in a huge variety, especially interesting is the one that provides joints with hot bags with healing Thai herbs. It turns out a kind of warming up physiotherapy.

Japanese Samurai massage – the most “evil”. Designed more for men. It refers to the category of point, but the impact is quite tough: during the session, the masseur uses not only his hands, but also his legs.

In addition, there is a huge variety of relaxing massages that bring a lot of pleasure. This is, rather, a reward and praise for the great work and the manifestation of attention to a very beloved person – to yourself !

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