Disabled gall bladder symptoms

Gallbladder is an internal organ of a person of small size, its main function is to store bile that the liver produces. A huge role this body plays in the process of digestion.

Many are wondering what a disabled gall bladder. Before answering this question, it is necessary to clarify what constitutes the body.

Problems with this organ may occur due to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with increased cholesterol in the blood, in people suffering from obesity. Often the disease affects women.

Disabled the gallbladder is a non-performing body which does not perform its functions. The body does not accumulate the bile and does not throw it into the duodenum. As a result, the need for this body disappears. Non-functioning bladder and can pose a threat to life, as there is a possibility of the accumulation of pus in it. It is therefore necessary to monitor their status and know the symptoms and signs of gallbladder disease.

The causes of pathology

The main causes of the gallbladder is disabled include:

  1. Cholelithiasis. It can lead to such consequences, if not carried out proper treatment. In on form, a place for the accumulation of the bile remains.
  2. Obstruction of the duct. Besides stones, the duct can be filled with adhesions and scarring due to inflammatory processes.
  3. The development of sclerosis in the body. That state comes also as a result of gallstones. While the gall bladder loses the ability to contract, to compound the situation may be accumulation of pus.
  4. Wrinkling of the body (shrunken gallbladder). This condition occurs due to sclerosis.
  5. A porcelain gallbladder. On the walls of the body is formed limescale, making it solid and not able to shrink.

The symptoms of the disease

Disabled the gallbladder is a complications of gallstone disease, and a dangerous one.

Disabled gall bladder symptoms has the following:

  1. The occurrence of pain on the right side under the ribs.
  2. The accumulation of gases.
  3. Heartburn.
  4. In the mouth there is a specific taste.
  5. Indigestion.
  6. The displacement of the stone in the duct occur biliary colic, characterized by severe pain, vomiting and high body temperature.

In advanced cases the gallbladder can become inflamed up to its perforation. Then all the pus penetrates the peritoneum. Here is a very important emergency medical care, otherwise the patient is threatened with death. Developed peritonitis, which is treated only surgically.

As a complication of gallstone disease, the patient develops obstructive jaundice. In violation of the outflow of bile it enters the bloodstream. The skin of the patient becomes yellow, white stool, urine turns the color of beer, there is pruritus, body temperature increased.

These are the basic signs of gallbladder disabled. There are times when the symptoms are practically absent and the person is unaware of the disorders in the body.

Diagnostic measures

On the doctor’s need to detail all the manifestations of the disease. Based on this, put the preliminary diagnosis and provides direction for further study.

Most often, if you suspect gallbladder is disabled, the following diagnostic methods:

  1. Ultrasound of the body.
  2. Holetsistografia etc.

As non-functioning organ is a consequence of the underlying disease, you must find out the reason that started these problems.

How to treat the disease?

What to do when such a problem? Treatment depends on the underlying disease. If the gallbladder filled with stones, was his deformity, conservative treatment will not help. All of the functions of such a body is neutralized, he is not able to make and secrete bile, so it should be removed surgically.

There are instances when the bubble has ceased to function due to the closure of the passage of the stone, it is also possible to restore its function. Then using a special catheter the stone is pushed into the bladder, thereby opens the passage for bile. After that, the doctor prescribes a special medicine that can dissolve the stone.

It happens that the bladder is switched off due to low tone of the walls. In this case also there are special medicines that will result in proper toned body. The basis of treatment needs to be therapeutic diet prescribed by your doctor.

The greatest danger is pathology with softly expressed symptoms when the person may later seek medical help.

Then the process of atrophy is irreversible and can help only surgical intervention.

So, is considered a pathology is a disease that does not develop in one day. Promotes the problem with this on an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, eat less fried and fatty foods, drink more water, follow special diets, the diet should be balanced. Also, to avoid excess gas, take food enzymes.

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