Dangerous cyst on liver

Dangerous cyst on liver what are the methods of its diagnostics and treatment, we offer to figure out in this work. After all, as any internal organ the liver is more susceptible to the formation of different kinds of benign tumors, or as they are called cysts.

Features of this disease

So, in most cases, the tumor as a cyst on the liver is a fluid-filled cavity formed in tissue of the liver, diameter from 1mm to 250mm. To develop education in different areas of the liver, and their location can be on the surface and in the depth of the body.

The liquid inside this neoplasm is usually colorless and odorless, but in some cases in its content are observed brownish-green shades or the presence of a jelly-like mass.

Who is affected by this disease?

This files most often diagnosed among the diseases of the liver cysts in people aged thirty-five to fifty years, and women this disease affects more often.

There are congenital and acquired varieties of hepatic cysts. When this innate may be classified as simple or tumor formed in the form of PKD.

In addition, the origin of the diagnosed liver cysts and parasitic deparasiting type. Depends on the name of these varieties from a few moments. Among them special place is the following. Parasitic liver cyst is formed due to the penetration of the parasite into the human body, and, in General, is the development stages of tapeworms in the resulting bubble in the tissue of the liver.

Experts distinguish between hydatid and alveococcosis species of parasitic cysts. While parasitic liver cyst most often develops when transferring the infected animals to man of the larvae of gelmintov through physical contact.

Neparazitna a cyst on the liver is most often congenital, which can diagnose even the newborn, in the case of abnormal development of the bile ducts. In more rare cases, can develop acquired hepatic cyst due to trauma of the liver.

In addition, the reason for the development of acquired education can be a surgical removal of Echinococcus or treatment of hepatic abscess.

The causes of the disease

Among experts it is considered that the cause of aparasitemic cysts in the newborn is often a complications during pregnancy, his mother, in the period of intrauterine development of the fetus. However, this is not such a rare disease. Comforting information may be that in most cases, it is education itself takes place before the child reaches one year. Revealed the presence of cysts in a newborn with ultrasound, which is assigned to all infants during the first months after birth.

In addition to these simple shapes in children can be diagnosed neoplasm that may be either congenital or acquired. Basically, its location is in the lower part of the liver, on the surface of the body, and the internal formation fluid, usually bile-stained. Because choledoch – is the name of the common bile duct through which bile enters into the duodenum, this painting is understandable. This form of neoplasm is dangerous only in the presence of complications, e.g., pancreatitis, cholangitis, or its rebirth into a malignant tumor – cholangiocarcinoma. Treated cyst of the common bile duct only by surgery.

In cases with simple forms, if their size is small, the symptoms of a benign tumors just don’t show up. In most, the simple cyst is found randomly when conducting ultrasound diagnosis. But over time a cyst on the liver may increase in size, and when you lose twenty percent of the total volume of the liver already there are some signs allowing to diagnose its presence. Among the list of symptoms – pain, heaviness in the right hypochondrium, increased nausea, bloating and belching.

During the ultrasound examination for the presence of cysts, the doctor monitors the left and right lobe of the liver. In this case affected the right side more often is a consequence of helminth infection, but not in all cases. Sometimes in the right lobe could still be detected solitary liver cyst that complications occur, can cause rupture, abscess and cause bleeding or degeneration of benign tumors into malignant, but it rarely happens.+

If cysts are detected by ultrasound in the right and left lobes – diagnosed polycystic liver. According to the International classification of diseases (ICD) cystic processes in the body like other diseases, has its own ICD codes.

This figure is a compilation of the official reasons for visits to doctors by the population. ICD determines the cause of death, to guide unified account of the diseases on the territory of Russia.

Symptoms and treatment

As already mentioned, often a cyst of the liver goes unnoticed for the patient, however, if the symptoms have increased dramatically, you probably should start treatment. For such diseases as cyst on liver treatment is prescribed only after a thorough examination of the causes of the disease. Under the condition of small size and absence of infections may be prescribed medicines homeopathic remedies. In addition, stops the development of cysts, and in some cases helps to remove it, special prescribed diet. The composition of this diet requires the introduction in the diet as much vegetable and fruit dishes instead of smoked, salty and spicy.

In the case of rodents, the situation is much more serious and requires absolute constant monitoring by a specialist. In this case, if the size of the affected part of the liver becomes too large – is assigned to surgical intervention, the purpose of which primarily is the removal of the cyst.

However, it is not always the cyst is removed. Modern medicine can offer so-called fenestration of the cyst – excision of the walls of the cyst and cleaning with state of the art laser, or cryotherapy cystic masses. Most often, these techniques offer patients with polycystic liver. In the case of severe complications caused by polycystic disease, transplants of this internal organ.

Especially important time to conduct a surgery to remove when festering cyst, or violation of its integrity that could pose a serious threat to the patient. Therefore, it is important not to bring up extreme situations and on time medical treatment, even if we are talking about the operation.

Prevent cysts do not exist, and their causes to be investigated. Therefore, the best way to reduce the probability of its occurrence is to follow a healthy lifestyle, especially true for women during pregnancy.

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