Products that cause inflammation in the body

Suddenly, everyone’s favorite yogurt was on the list . But we are talking about sweet species, with the addition of flavorings. Due to its high sugar content, this product can cause serious inflammation of any part of the digestive system.

To avoid being in the hospital for a long time, pay attention to yogurt without additives. For example, Greek or with bifidobacteria, which will positively affect the work of the stomach.

In the last decade, a healthy eating culture is gaining popularity. We all know that fast food does not bring us anything other than extra calories. You may be surprised, but products that we have found useful for many years can also trigger unpleasant symptoms. We will talk about five products that, it would seem, do not pose any threat, but often cause various inflammatory processes in the body.

Even the most harmless, at first glance, the ingredients in your plate can cause irreparable damage to health. here will tell which lunch is better to refuse

If you are a lover of vegetable salads, be careful with an ingredient like tomato. These berries contain a dangerous element, solanine, which reaches its peak in green fruits. Excessive ingestion of this element in the blood threatens the development of inflammatory elements in the intestines, in addition, if you have problems with the joints, be extremely careful with the use of tomatoes.

Allergy sufferers should not get carried away with wheat. Wheat products contribute to the release of insulin, which leads to unwanted skin rashes. People who are allergic to gluten should completely abandon wheat and dishes with its use, since otherwise inflammation of the stomach, intestines and even bleeding are possible.

Citruses are considered to be one of the main allergens . There are not many people in the world who can complain about the serious consequences of eating citrus, and yet our favorite oranges can contribute to the development of chronic diseases. The histamine that overfills our body after eating citrus leads to the formation of inflammatory elements.

Oatmeal. Probably the most unexpected product. Since childhood, we know that oatmeal is necessary for the full growth and development of a young body. However, there are people who can hardly digest some cereal proteins.

The body, in turn, cannot determine their origin and begins an active fight against proteins by producing antibodies. Again, histamine is released, inflammation begins. Another important point about oatmeal: when cooking porridge, be sure to add oil to it – if this is not done, then, due to the lack of fat, oatmeal will begin to wash out calcium from your body.

As experts found out, vegetable oil is not such a useful product. And this applies to any kind of vegetable oil, whether soybean, sunflower or palm, which unscrupulous confectioners like to add to their products. A feature of oil production is the processing using a hazardous element of hexane.

In addition, vegetable oil contains fatty acids that adversely affect the cardiovascular system, contribute to joint inflammation.

We all know that fried foods, to put it mildly, are harmful to metabolism. The reason for this is the oil on which the frying occurs. Fats react with oxygen, which leads to the formation of free radicals that interfere with protein synthesis. The higher the temperature, the more dangerous the substances become.

Try to reduce the use of foods that can play a trick on you, first of all, avoid increasing insulin.

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