Yoga, five asanas for female strength and health

While doing yoga, we learn to concentrate on breathing, adjust posture, develop flexibility, but at the same time we think very little about another important aspect of it. And this aspect is how it affects women’s health.

For women, the benefits of yoga are determined by the impact of classes on endocrine regulation, namely the three-level system of the hypothalamus, pituitary and ovaries. If these three links work synchronously, then all biochemical and hormonal processes proceed in accordance with the norm.

These or other asanas have a special power and are able to affect your health in general, how your cycle goes and how you feel about it. They can restore hormonal balance and improve mood when you have PMS and all you want is a sad show and cookies.

This effect occurs due to the active circulation in the pelvic organs, which “triggers” the performance of certain asanas.

To maintain this norm, perform this complex. It will help improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, your well-being during PMS and will protect you from “female” diseases.

Jana Shirshasana

Sit on the floor with your back straight. Stretch one leg forward, the heel toward you. Lean toward your leg, trying to keep your back straight and not hump. Perform on the other foot.

Baddha Konasana

Fold your legs in the bow tie in front of you, trying to pull your heels closer to the pelvis, and your knees to the floor.

Upavishta Konasana

Move your legs to the side and go into a deep forward bend. If the pose is still difficult to master, bend your knees. The most important thing is a straight back. Also, to go deeper, try a life hack: place pillows under the heels of the pillow. They will slide and legs will straighten.

Viparita Karani Mudra

Go out into the birch, resting your lower back on your hands. Hold for 30-60 seconds.


Kneeling, put your hands on your feet and bend in the back. If the head does not spin, you can throw it back.

Do you like doing yoga?

Your support: four asanas for healthy hands

To perform all the asanas in yoga (even the most difficult ones), you need to develop in yourself only three qualities: flexibility, abs and strong hands.

The strength of the hands is important when you perform the Salutation of the Sun or master the bridge. But even when the hands are almost not involved in the asana, they help to correctly distribute the weight and perform it perfectly.

A teacher with twenty years of experience Olga Ilyinskaya told the  Yoga Journal :

The correct work of the palms is important for the correct alignment in the poses of the whole body. If the hands do not work properly in poses, the desired effect on the spine does not occur and the stomach tenses.

Before practicing asanas, hands will be involved, therefore it is better to do a light workout: turn with your hands and hands, straighten your palms and pull one with your other hand first to yourself, then down. Fold your palms in the lock and turn them out. And then perform a complex of asanas that will ensure their strength and health.

Asanas for healthy hands: opening your palms against the wall

Stand sideways to the wall and rest on it with your palm. Move the case slightly forward so that the arm extends. Hold for 20-30 seconds. Then repeat with the other hand.

Important: do the exercise gently, you should not feel pain.

Asanas for healthy hands: pashchima namaskar asana

Put your hands behind your back and fold them up, as for prayer. Use your hands to move the shoulder blades and spine “inward” – you should not hunch.

Hand Asanas: Urdhwa Mukha Shavasana with spread hands

Run the dog face down with palms turned inward. To make the exercise easier, place a small support under your palms. It can be a special brick or just a thick book.

Asanas for Hand Health: Padahastasana

Make a deep bend forward from a standing position and place both palms under the feet. To ease your posture, at first you can bend your knees slightly. Fingers under the feet can look like “inward”, going under the feet from the side, or be directed to the heels.

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