How to minimize the risks of intestinal upset?

We wait for a vacation for a year, think through everything to the smallest detail, dream of how we will enjoy new places, delicious food. But often our holidays are spoiled by food poisoning and intestinal infections.

A bowel disorder can be caused by several causes.

How to minimize the risks of intestinal upset?

First: in an unfamiliar and familiar place, you can pick up such an infection as E. coli and Giardia, rotaviruses and causative agents of dysentery. Second: a new place involves new food. And the body can respond to a change in diet. Third: change of drinking water. Fourth: violation of hygiene rules – irregular washing of hands, insufficiently washed vegetables and fruits. Fifth: the body experiences stress during a long flight, climate change, time zone, etc. Sixth: you introduce a large number of fruits, especially exotic ones, into the diet.

Specialists have identified in a separate list the products that are most risky for a traveling person. This is any non-bottled water; seafood; meat cooked with blood; greens, salads and leafy vegetables, unpasteurized dairy products and fruits.

People with long travel experience, including to countries at risk for intestinal diseases, are advised to prepare for leave in advance. And drink a course of probiotics to strengthen immunity and improve the intestinal microflora.

During the holidays, you need to remember a few immutable rules that must be followed by both children and adults.

Wash your hands. With soap and whenever possible. Before eating, after using the toilet, when returning to your room. On vacation, the more often you wash your hands, the less likely you are to catch an infection. Carry antibacterial wipes or a special hand gel.

Use only bottled water, even while brushing your teeth. It is better to buy bottles of a well-known manufacturer. In cafes or restaurants, give preference to tea and coffee – drinks with boiled water.

Do not order drinks with ice, as it is most often made from tap water. If you like beer or soda, then wipe the neck or lid of the jar with an antibacterial wipe before use, or rather use a disposable glass.

After washing under the tap, always rinse the purchased fruits and vegetables with bottled water.

If you have to eat in dubious establishments, for example, in an Indian eatery on the edge of the village, then choose well-fried or boiled dishes to minimize risks. The stomach of a European may not perceive the food that locals have enjoyed eating for many years. Be careful and do not experiment.

At the first sign of an upset, drink as much water as possible. Give up coffee and black tea. You can drink herbal decoctions. It is better if the drinks are a little sweet or salty. If diarrhea lasts more than two days, in addition to it and vomiting, abdominal pain is felt, the temperature has risen above 38 degrees and there is blood in the stool, then you should immediately seek medical help.

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