How to prevent further inflammation of the skin

Healthy radiant skin is a better decoration for a young girl than expensive earrings or long eyelashes. But what to do for those who from an early age unsuccessfully fight acne? Follow the advice of dermatologists to quickly cure foci of inflammation and enjoy your reflection in the mirror. This material contains specific recommendations.

Remove foundation

Overlapping acne with a dense layer of concealer or foundation, you only stimulate the appearance of new inflammations. The pigment of the cosmetic product is clogged into the pores and, when mixed with sebum, forms a watery bladder – this is a natural reaction of the skin to “foreign” particles.

Moreover, the cream dries the skin due to its alcohol content – this exacerbates the effect of acne prescribed by a dermatologist. They also include inflammation-drying ingredients – zinc, salicylic acid, fruit acids, and so on.

Don’t touch your face

The foci of inflammation are protected from external infections by a thin layer of the skin – it is easily damaged by mechanical action. For example, when you scratch your face or rub it intensively with your hands.

As a result, dust and germs transferred to the skin from your palms are mixed with the contents of the inflammation. Before touching your face, wash your hands with soap or an antiseptic cloth – this is an important point of care during the fight against exacerbation of acne.

Dry yourself with a paper towel.

Accustom yourself to pat wet skin with a sheet of paper towel. Set aside a cloth towel until better times – on its moist, warm surface, germs multiply rapidly and then transfer to your face. As we noted, it is important to soak, and not rub your face – so you absorb excess moisture from the surface of the skin, but do not injure it.

An alternative to washing is rubbing the face with an acid-free tonic. Toner helps to change the balance of the skin from alkaline (after washing) or sour (during the day) to neutral – 5.5.

Do not crush acne

It is strictly forbidden by dermatologists to clean pores on their own. Without special tools, you scratch your skin with your fingernails and remove only part of the accumulated sebum. Your doctor will obviously not be happy when you come to see new inflammations. During the treatment of acne, cosmetic face cleansing is also prohibited – this procedure will do more harm to the skin than good.

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