Worst contraceptive methods

One of the main questions of a modern girl: what kind of protection to use during sexual intercourse. There are many recommendations on what to choose, here it will tell you about the most unreliable ways to prevent pregnancy.

Agree, a positive pregnancy test pleases only if you expect two strips. In any other case, you should take protection methods seriously. Today we will tell you about ways to avoid if you do not want to suddenly become a mother.

PSA (interrupted sexual intercourse)

Just think: there are no expenses for pills and condoms, there are practically no side effects, it would seem – what else is needed for happiness. This is where the most important minus of this method looms – unreliable protection. After all, sperm are secreted not only during ejaculation, but also much earlier.

Their number is enough to spend the next nine months waiting for the baby. Therefore, if you do not plan to have a baby in the near future, it is better to refuse this method.

Emergency contraceptives

These drugs should be taken no later than three days after the unprotected intercourse. On the one hand, it’s convenient. However, such an “ambulance” is due to a horse dose of hormones, the intake of which threatens with very impressive side effects, against their background, pregnancy will seem to you a slight fright. Moreover, you can not take such drugs more than once a year.


During the Soviet Union, the method of douching was very popular. But the point is not in efficiency, but in the absence of an alternative. Modern experts unanimously argue that this method is absolutely unreliable, since decoctions of herbs and potassium permanganate are not able to prevent fertilization. As a side effect, you can earn a violation of microflora and thereby open the way for infections.


During breastfeeding, women produce the hormone prolactin, which slightly suppresses the ovulation process. Be very careful, because the main word is slightly, which means that the risk of becoming pregnant is very high.

Reliable days

Many women make large-scale calculations to find out the date of ovulation. If you look closely at this method, consider that not only a specific day is important, but also the temperature, as well as the chemical composition of the mucus of the genitals. The slightest failure in these calculations leads to fertilization, be careful, this method is also unsafe.

Folk methods

This option can be immediately discarded, since the tincture of vodka, aspirin and laundry soap is a very dubious option, which can lead to serious consequences for the body.

Lemon juice

Irrigation of the uterus with lemon juice was popular in ancient times, today it has already been proved by experts that this method does not bear any benefit and is completely useless.


Also in ancient times they used a “tampon” soaked in a mixture of honey with dates and acacia bark. Needless to say, now even trying is not worth resorting to such executions, the more you will not get the expected result.

Coca Cola

In the middle of the last century, it was believed that carbonic acid contained in cola depresses the activity of sperm, but this theory has not been confirmed.

Flea mint

Ancient Roman doctors prescribed to the girls who asked them to terminate their pregnancy a decoction from this plant, since it was believed that it could cause menstruation. However, modern gynecologists have already warned that a fascination with this herb can lead to severe intoxication of the body.

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