Spring medical examination

It became warmer, and we slowly began to think about how to bring ourselves to its beginning in order. Even look towards the fitness room and read about trendy diets. But experts give other recommendations.

The medical examination must be done annually

You need to start a routine examination with a therapist, who will prescribe further actions. And even if the patient has no complaints, in each age group there are features that require the attention of specialists. For example, in adolescence, you need to monitor the hormonal background, the work of the endocrine system. Girls and boys need to visit a gynecologist and urologist for the first time. And check your eyes regularly, because at the age of 12-14, ophthalmic problems may occur.

Everyone, without exception, needs to do fluorography annually, which will help detect tuberculosis. After 45 years, people need to check the cardiovascular system, control cholesterol, do an ECG. Women after forty years should be regularly examined by a mammologist and visit a gynecologist at least twice a year. You need to know that uterine fibroids, cervical cancer can be completely cured at an early stage.

Today, there are technologies that allow women suffering from fibroids to save the uterus and give birth after treatment. Successfully treatable prostatitis and prostate adenoma. And the sooner the experts identify the problem and begin treatment, the less painful and long it will be. Obese people need to carefully monitor their blood sugar, the work of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems. And, of course, we must not forget about dental examinations, since a bad tooth is a chronic focus of infection.

Natalia Gaidash, K. M.N., dermato-oncologist

– It is necessary to undergo a medical examination annually. And the older the person, the more often it is necessary to undergo a medical examination. Preferably – once every six months. Minimum screening diagnostics should include examination by a general practitioner or family doctor, as is now customary. And already according to the results of the examination, the doctor prescribes the necessary tests and studies.

It is absolutely pointless to do the tests yourself. Today, diagnostic equipment and screening methods are constantly changing, and the patient simply cannot appoint himself the most effective method for diagnosing a particular disease. In addition, the patient himself will not be able to read and analyze them. Most studies are now paid, and it may turn out that a person will pass expensive, but unnecessary tests, but will not do the vital ones.

The only screening study that you can assign yourself on your own is dermatosyakopia. If there are moles, neoplasms on the skin – you need to carefully monitor them.

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