Signs of personality degradation

Our brain is designed in such a way that it constantly needs to be nourished. So that he can perform certain tasks and be in good shape, you need to make efforts, and this is not always easy.

how to make the brain work

We have been developing all our life, but the moment may come when our brain begins to “stand idle”. will tell you in what cases to sound the alarm

Every person, regardless of his desire, learns something new every day, which is natural, because so many events are happening to us! But we ourselves must constantly strive for something new, so as not to stand still.

You probably noticed that it’s worth relaxing a little on vacation, for example, let’s do absolutely nothing for a week – not even take a book in your hands – it becomes harder for your brain to remember information when you finish your vacation. Of course, a person needs rest and unloading of the nervous system, but everything should be a measure.

Let’s look at the signs that make it clear that it’s time to take up the mind in the literal sense.

Signs of degradation

According to the famous American psychologist, the following qualities are inherent in people who have already begun or are on the verge of degradation:

Man stops making decisions

It seems to such people that they are just “another brick in the wall”, as in the song Pink Floyd. They don’t want to decide anything, because they are sure of their own failure, and that nothing will change either in their lives or in others’ lives. Pretty dangerous condition, since you can fall under the influence of others.

Basic needs

A person does not experience any desires, except to satisfy hunger, both ordinary and sexual. Forgot about the dream. These people work only for the money, they are devoid of all kinds of ambitions. They consider the opposite sex only as an object of satisfying sexual needs, no more. If you notice a similar condition in someone close to you, try to “pull out” the person by offering him an alternative pastime, and not just sitting around the table.

Small circle of friends

People divide those around them into dangerous people and those who can be trusted. As a rule, such an attitude is formed after an unsuccessful experience in communication, or a person received psychological trauma in childhood, therefore he is wary of absolutely everyone.

Their opinion is the most important.

Man ceases to reckon with opinions different from his own. If you decide to object to such a person, you will be disappointed, because you will not “reach out” to him. But usually these people do not enter into any discussions. What for? They are right.

Is there a solution?

Sure. It is important not to let yourself fall even lower, but for this it is worth strenuous:

Firstly, never stop learning something new, but for this, read as much as possible. Moreover, try to cover such areas that used to be bypassed; we are saving ourselves by more than one fiction.

Take care of your style. Do not make a cult of appearance, but try to always look your best. This, firstly, will increase your self-esteem, and, secondly, make other people interested in you.

Join the discussion. No, you cannot be right in everything and always, admit that other people have your opinion and accept it. Yes, you may disagree with something, but you do not need to bend your line, insulting the feelings of others. Be prepared to admit that you are wrong.

Engage in spiritual development. As we have already said, the presence of spiritual hunger makes us human, so strive to satisfy it in all possible ways. Going to a restaurant is, of course, good, but it’s best to combine it with going to exhibitions or watching retrospectives.

Expand your social circle. You may have one childhood friend, but this may not be enough for an adult. Throughout life, we grow in bonds, which is natural, so do not avoid making new acquaintances, especially when a person offers friendship himself, perhaps it will change your life.

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