The whole world in the palm of your hand, treating your health with hand massage

Eastern healers have developed a whole science of body massage, with the help of which, when you click on certain points, the body reacts with the cessation of pain in a specific area.

Reflexology studies the structure of the body as a whole, but pays special attention to the ears, feet and palms – all points are concentrated on them, each is responsible for its own organ. According to doctors, the pain occurs due to blockage of energy – massage helps to release it, due to which the person becomes easier.

What points on the palm to massage to feel better

We talk about the ancient art of massage, which helps to remove a headache, improve mood and well-being in general


No wonder they say: “The whole world is in the palm of your hand” – on the palm and fingers itself are located all the zones responsible for the health of our body. In the center of the palm is the point of the gastrointestinal tract.

If your stomach hurts, you feel bloated or heavy, massage this point in a circular motion, pressing hard on it. In chronic diseases, massage should be done regularly to reduce the risk of exacerbation of the disease. 1-2 minutes of massage are enough to feel much better. The “fleshy” part of the palm next to the thumb is responsible for the health of the endocrine system. The health of the hormonal system is especially important for the female body, so you should not forget about the massage of this zone.


Zone of the spleen and stomach. Eastern doctors also believe that a bad mood can be caused by stagnation of energy in this zone. If you have chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, oriental doctors advise 1-2 minutes a day to give a thumb massage to avoid the stage of exacerbation. Also on the thumb pad is a point responsible for the brain. It is not for nothing that the yogis during meditation connect the thumb and forefinger to achieve a state of balance of thoughts.


The area of ​​the kidneys and bladder. If you have a cold and are afraid that the complication will not “sink” into the kidneys, we advise you to massage your index finger several times a day for a couple of minutes. Also, massage will help if you have cystitis – a disease that often bothers girls. The area between the index finger and thumb is responsible for the area of ​​the head – massage it with circular and pinching movements if you want the headache to go away faster.

Middle finger

Zone of the liver and gall bladder. Typically, problems in these organs arise with age – toxins accumulate in the organs, they become overgrown with visceral fat and begin to bother. In addition to following a diet, reflexology will help in the treatment of inflammation of the liver and gall bladder – massage the fingertip with pressing movements. It is more convenient to do this, if you close the middle finger with the thumb, you get a double effect.

Ring finger

Zone of the colon and stomach. If your body swells, rashes appear on your face and you cannot go to the toilet for a long time, most likely you have problems with the large intestine. In its folds, food debris accumulates that are difficult to remove from the body, so gas formation appears. Massage the ring finger pads will help start the process, speeding up the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Little finger

Heart zone. Surprisingly, the smallest finger on our hand is responsible for the most important organ. To maintain heart health, any methods are good – from acupressure to regular exercise. Connect the little finger and thumb, pushing them together with pressing movements, until you feel a slight warmth in the fingers.

Finger massage should be done alternately connecting the thumb and other fingers together. Make different movements – circular, up and down, pressure. As a result, the fingers should warm up, slightly redden. It is better to massage the palm with the thumb of the opposite hand, starting from the center and moving to the edges in a spiral. Combine business with pleasure: apply cream or oil on your hands, which will be absorbed faster while you are doing massage.

Give the massage 3-4 minutes a day, do it regularly, then notice the result – excellent health.

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