How to care for the body in the winter time to save the skin from solariums and heaters

According to legend, the gymnastics for the face was invented in the thirties of last century by the Swiss beautician, marveling at the difference between the fresh tightened ballerina Anna Pavlova and her aged face.

Now you can observe the reverse situation – the face skin is fed with kilograms of creams and liters of serum, which affects its condition, but the body is given much less attention. SHE correspondent learned about how to take care of the body skin at home in the winter.

Immediately make a reservation, assuming the bewilderment of the readers, – refers to the skin of the body, and not exercises, diet and exercise. To fight the body throw heavy artillery forces, time, money. But care, grooming and nourishment of the body somehow fades into the background. Shower gel or light milk – usually this is limited. Perhaps, even anti-cellulite cream can be found on the shelves in the bathroom in most women, and any complexion.

He is rather violently rubbed, seeking strong redness. But without tenderness. Of course, tightened shapes attract men. But the sense of touch is as important as the visual perception. And smooth soft skin is exactly what will be nice to a man’s hand, especially when the light is turned off.

Protected, but defenseless

Of course, the skin of the body is in a more advantageous position than the skin of the face. “The skin of the body is protected by clothing from ultraviolet radiation, from polluted air, it is much less susceptible to negative environmental influences and aging is slower than the face’s open skin,” states Olga Vylegzhanina, dermatologist, clinic prof. Pasman. However, ultraviolet is now being received in a solarium, often immoderate, and at home or at work air conditioners, heaters, central heating, dry the skin.

Powerful eco-protection, which is found in daytime face creams or lifting in anti-aging sera, usually does not need the body, but moisturizing and toning are necessary. 


First, the best proven means to maintain skin beauty is bath or bath. And there, and there the damp skin should be scraped away either with a special remedy, or with a broom. Without special diligence, of course, so as not to injure – the main goal of this event: the removal of dead cells of the epithelium.

Now began to appear superficial peelings or exfoliators (scrub with the effect of peeling) for the skin of the body – they are dosed, not more than once a week, you can use to smooth the skin. Strangely enough, but after a bath with tap water is especially shown to use a moisturizer. This is perhaps the most important thing that the skin needs to maintain a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

More water! 

In the city, especially in winter, during the heating season, girls face a strong sense of tightness of the skin after the shower, leading in some cases even to peeling on the legs and elbows.

“It is best to moisturize the skin not just cosmetic, but cosmoceutical (sold in the pharmacy) funds with urea,” recommends Olga Vylegzhanina. – Light textures are good in use, but for some parts of the body, especially dry and coarse, I advise you to apply creams. ”

In general, any remedy that you put on the skin after a shower will give a positive effect. And even anti-cellulite cream – according to the doctor-dermatologist, it can not be that the cream of directed anti-cellulite action alone can really save this scourge:

“Anti-cellulite creams no more and no less than other body creams tonify the skin, help it become more elastic, and, consequently, support in the complex struggle for a beautiful body, but only support – it’s impossible to cope with some creams with a violation in adipose tissue.”


Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba boast that they use only oil “Johnsons baby” and are very pleased with the results. In general, aromamasla is a feast for the skin, but you need to get used to their use: “To find the right oil for yourself, you need to start with small doses,” says Vera Ermakova, masseur-aromatherapist, Aromacenter. – A couple of drops of the chosen oil are either planted in vegetable (olive) oil, or they enrich the finished cream with it and apply it to a small area of ​​the skin, after which it is observed how it absorbs, which gives effect and, most importantly, whether there are allergic reactions.

” To soften the skin of the body, losing weight, lymph drainage, toning citrus oils, fennel, rosemary are good.

If you are too lazy to smear yourself after a shower, then the aromatherapist advises you to try … to wash yourself with oil, applying a couple of drops on the sponge.

In general, the smearing of the skin with something fragrant and pleasant to the touch, besides the benefit to it, has a relaxing effect and raises the mood. You just need to force yourself not to rush anywhere, slowly and lovingly lubricate yourself centimeter by centimeter, launching your fingers into a large jar of cream, massaging and stroking, then lie down on a towel and lie down quietly. The mood will improve!

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