Learning to eat right, what to look for

I remember that even Hippocrates said: “You are what you eat.” That is why proper nutrition is so important, which with great desire can become your meaning of life. To eat properly, you do not need to show much effort, spend a lot of money and time. Enough to have willpower.

Proper nutrition: where to start and what to look for

First of all, it is worth excluding flour, fast food, as well as fried foods from your diet. However, you should not immediately switch to proper nutrition – after all, your body is already accustomed to a large number of artificial additives. You should gradually add healthy food to your diet. It is very important to learn how to combine products and know what to eat with what.

“There should be at least four meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and preferably a couple more snacks,” says nutritionist Nuria Dianova. – If you recall the kindergarten regime, it is ideal: in addition to the main meals, there is a second breakfast, there is an afternoon snack. Some people still have a need for food in the evening, then you need to eat one and a half to two hours before bedtime and prefer sour-milk drinks. This strategy is quite good, it has a choleretic effect – the prevention of stone formation in the gall bladder, and it is also useful for intestinal microflora. “

Every day, changing your diet to the right one, you will feel a boost of energy, feel lightness in the stomach, as well as in the head. After you sort out yourself and stop quietly buying junk food (chips, cola, etc.), switch to fresh vegetables, you should eat more chicken breast and turkey. It is very important to drink at least 30 ml of water per 1 kg of weight per day. Water helps to assimilate food, speed up digestion and has a beneficial effect on metabolism.

What foods should not be mixed?

  • Tomatoes with starchy foods: the combination of citric, malic and oxalic acids contained in them is contraindicated in alkaline absorption of starches in the mouth and stomach.
  • Green tea with milk: milk reduces the absorption of antioxidants contained in tea and other beneficial substances.
  • Soda with milk: it turns out an explosion in your stomach, the consequences (belching, heartburn and heaviness in the stomach) will take a long time.
  • Watermelon with salted: causes swelling, as this combination retains fluid in the body.
  • Melon with milk: a laxative effect is obtained.
  • Do not mix fruits with any other products.
  • Bananas and buttermilk, cottage cheese and dates, black pepper and fish are incompatible.
Health in detail

So what is proper nutrition? Nutritionist Nuria Dianova will help to properly distribute meals:

“It is very important not to skip breakfast. These must be complex carbohydrates, because they do not give a quick jump in glucose, which is very good, because if the glucose level rises, then the insulin level rises, and they must be in balance. Otherwise, glucose goes into fat cells. It is very right to start your day with porridge – this will be the most correct decision. For taste, you can add dried fruits and berries.

The most “serious” meal is lunch. That is, if you want to eat something heavy, for example, steak, cake and so on, then this is the right time. All carbohydrates should be eaten in the morning.

For dinner, you need to take protein and vegetables. Ideally, minced meat. These are all kinds of cutlets, you can put bran instead of bread. This is amazing for health. But if we talk about the types of meat, it is better chicken and turkey, fish is suitable. But beef, pork and lamb should be tried to be cleaned for lunch, so that there is no feeling of heaviness at bedtime.

You can’t drastically remove fried foods, you just need to take and start baking them. And it’s important to permanently accustom yourself that if you have something baked in a plate, then you definitely need to combine this with raw side dishes and greens. ”

Become charged

Proper nutrition is not only fruits and vegetables every day, it is also the physical proper “nutrition” of your body. If there is no opportunity and time to go to the gym, then you can perform exercises at home: daily exercise, squats, stretching and so on. It is very important that the whole body feels healthier and stronger. Do not forget that the emotional state also greatly affects a healthy mind.

Avoid stressful situations, and if it does not work out, then try to relax as soon as possible. To do this, you can drink chamomile tea, herbal infusions, take a hot bath and so on. Depression, nervousness – these are all significant factors of an unhealthy person. Your organism is you, therefore it is impossible to start it. The body feels everything, eczema, irritation, acne appear, that is, the body always gives the opposite reaction.

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