Smile and enjoy life

However, it is worth understanding that everything is in our hands – we change habits and become happier every day.

Herophobia is a common mental illness that is a fear of fun and pleasure. In the ranking of the World Report on Happiness (WHR) for 2019, Russia takes only 68th place – in just a year, our country lost 9 positions in the list.

here I studied world statistics to explain to you the fundamental difference

How is joy different from happiness?

The main task of our brain is to evaluate the environment and in time to give a distress signal to all organs in order to save life. Its complex device works in such a way that information received from outside is evaluated, processed, and the brain sends a nerve impulse to the corresponding department in a split second.

At a time when we are healthy and happy with everything, the brain provokes the production of neurotransmitters by the nerve processes. These are hormones responsible for the rapid transmission of a nerve impulse between cells. Neurotransmitters include: oxytocin – the hormone of love, dopamine – the hormone of pleasure, serotonin – the hormone of happiness, and others. The difference between happiness and joy at the chemical level is only in the level of hormones. Fleeting joy causes a sharp jump, while happiness contributes to the constant release of hormones in small “portions”.

Difference for the psyche

Happiness is a meaningful condition, not a causeless one. People, most of their lives in a state of harmony, evaluate it as a result of several reactions:

  • The ability to appreciate what you have. The desire to have more is normal, but it is important not to forget to be content with what was received earlier. A strong family, decent earnings, excellent health and the availability of free time for a hobby – is this not enough?
  • Ability to say no. As long as you want to be comfortable and kind with everyone, there is no question of any healthy psyche.
  • The ability to defend personal boundaries. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a relationship with a loved one or work colleague. People should understand that you are not required to change for their personal pleasure, and not demand this from you.
  • Ability to determine your emotions. It’s impossible to always smile and have fun: every person is sad and angry from time to time. Give yourself the opportunity to experience negative emotions without scolding them.

Is it possible to be happy and enjoy life?

If you are in a state of mental balance for 1-2 months or more, the brain defines this condition as a standard. You get used to the environment, cease to be surprised at the signs of attention from loved ones, perceive your income level as the norm and so on. However, at any moment, a previously unexperienced event will cause a surge of joy – the brain likes a new one, because through this lies the path to development.

Your primary task is to normalize your mental state, and then decide on experiments. Then happiness and joy will occur simultaneously. As you can see, nothing complicated!

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