Suvorov infected through nasvay

Echinococcosis affected not only the lungs of the victims, but also other organs. Foci of infection were found in the liver, pancreas, brain, eyes and spleen. The mother of one of the teenagers said that part of the victims will have to be operated on.

Recently, the mother of one of the students of the Suvorov School in Ulyanovsk reported that some students found “worms in the lungs.” Representatives of the school said that this disease is not transmitted from person to person, and does not depend on living conditions and nutrition. Journalists found that cadets could become infected with echinococcosis by chewing nasvay.

Journalists have found that the version of infection through nasvay is still one of the priority ones.

“If the litter is included in the nasvay, then infection could well have occurred from it,” the source said in medical circles.

Now, not only students, but also graduates of the school who graduated in 2018 will be tested for echinococcosis. The father of one of the infected cadets said that “one of the Suvorovites found a hearth in his head, a craniotomy awaits him.”

“The child is actually disabled,” he told Izvestia. – They don’t say anything to parents, they get off with the phrase “an investigation is underway”. The Ministry of Defense proposes to sign a choice of two papers – one that Suvorov will undergo chemotherapy, the other that parents take full responsibility for the treatment of their child.

After the infection of the Ulyanovsk cadets, the leaders of the country’s military schools were asked to check the health of students and staff.

Nasvay banned in Russia

For the manufacture of this mixture using chicken droppings or camel excrement. All this is mixed with tobacco dust and dried leaves of the plant us. The mixture is not processed in any way, which can lead to various diseases.

The fact is that animals are carriers of adult echinococcus larvae. Despite the composition and side effects, adolescents in Russia use nasvay as a light drug. According to them, thanks to this mixture they feel more relaxed.

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